Hiring Process

Hiring Process

1. Recruitment process

In this step, we conducts tasks such as:
• Get the required recruitment
• Market research recruitment
• Identify recruitment channels suitable
• Planning recruitment
• Implementation plan recruitment

Above steps in details are in the process of recruiting.

2. Selection process

In this step, we conducts tasks such as:

• Receiving records
• Conduct test and evaluation of candidates through the test and interview etc.

Above steps in details are in the process of selection.

3. Job Negotiation

The negotiations of job include the works in the following:

• Probation duration
• Salary of probation
• Contract duration
• Official salary
• Working conditions
• Working instruments
• Policies of compensations and benefits…

All above information should be in written evaluation form with the signature of the director, then move this form to HR dept to finishing probation procedure.

4. Sign probation contract

a. New employees must:

• Supply the entire profile as stipulated by the company.
• Read the internal labor, employee handbooks and regulations involved.
• Read and sign the probation contract.

b. For HR staff:

• Send employee handbook and labor rules to new employees.
• Explain the rules of the company.
• Create and implement procedures for contract probation.
• Guide administrative procedures for new employees.
• Transfer new employee to head of department.
• Making the minutes of handing over the tools for new staff.
5. Implementation of probation process

a. One week after first day of probation

• HR manager need to meet department heads to review probation for any supports and make preparations if the new employee does not meet the job requirements.
• Meet new employee to hear their requests for timely support.

b. One week before the end of probation

• Transfer probation self-appraisal form to new employee.
• Transfer probation appraisal form to department head.

6. Considering the test results

• Need to organize meetings with the hiring authorities, department heads to determine recruitment results.
• Ensure that the probation result must be sent to new employee at least 2 days compared with days of the final probation.

7. Sign contract official

• If new employee can not meet the requirements, HR dept should conduct liquidation procedure of probation contract.
• If new employee reach the requirements, HR dept will make labor contract with signature of director and staff.

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