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Address Proof Letter for Employee

There are various reasons for which an employee might require the proof of his address to submit as an important document for official purpose. Being the HR of the company, you might need to frame a formal address proof letter for an employee of your company.

Here is a sample address proof letter for employee which you can use for creating a personalized letter. This example contains all the essential details that should be a part of a perfect letter.

Sample Address Proof Letter for Employee


To Whomsoever it may concern


This is to confirm that ­­­­Mr. Richard Brown is working with ABD Bank Pvt. Ltd as Relationship Manager. According to the records of the company, he has been associated with the organization since 25th November, 2012. We would also like to confirm that the present address of ­­­­Mr. Richard Brown is “15 A, IX Block, Harrison Residence Society, New York” as per the Employee Records of the company.


Samantha Smith

HR Manager

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Employee Address Proof Letter From Company

Requests for address proof for various reasons keep coming up to companies in relation with the employees. And it is the responsibility of the HR manager or the owner of the company to respond to these requests with complete details in a strict professional manner.

Given below is the sample employee address proof letter from company written in response to the enquiry. Use these template to create a customized letter on behalf of your company.

Format for Employee Address Proof Letter From Company

Ana George
Human Resource Manager

XYZ Investments
Hilton Street

Date: August 22, 2016

Henry Cullen


ABC Banks
12, Herald Street

Dear Mr. Cullen,

This letter is in reference to the request for proof of our employee Mr. Raymond Smith as required by you. We would like to inform you that of Mr. Smith has been working with our company from last three years and has been putting up at company apartments. The current address of Mr. Smith is 56, XYZ Apartments, Simon Road, California.

In case, if you need any more information in this regard then please feel free to write to us.


Ana George
Human Resource Manager

XYZ Investments

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Gazetted Officer Address & Identity Proof Format

ID proofs and address proofs are very important in day to day routine. Government has given the gazetted officers the responsibility of writing letter to authorities for different purposes mentioning the address and identification details in a sorted format.

Here is a sample example for your reference to help you frame a format which contains all the necessary details concerning the candidate in order to miss no information.

Format for Letter

This is to certify that Mr. Adam Smith S/o Mr. Robert Smith is residing at H. No. 12, Greenfield Apartments, Richmond Street, New York and he is working with ABC Insurance Corporation Ltd., 52 Andrew Street, New York. His personal particulars as given in this letter as correct to the best of my knowledge.

This letter is to be used for the purpose of obtaining PAN Card.

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Sample of Address Proof Letter Format Date Of Joining

Address proofs are very essential part of your identity. They are needed are different times in life. When you are joining a new company then also you are required to submit them along the proof for your date of joining.

Below is given a customized sample format for your reference for the same letter. Use it as a basis to create your own letter.

Format for Address Proof Date of Joining


To Whomsoever it may concern

This is to confirm that ­­­­Mr. Adam Smith is working in M/s Zenith Technologies Pvt. Ltd. as Marketing Executive. As per the company’s record, His services were effective since 01.05.2013. Also would want to confirm the current address of Mr. Adam Smith as 22, Richmond Town, Park Avenue, New Yok 123 456 as per company’s Employee Records.


Human Resources

Jackie Brown


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Address Proof Format

Please find attached Address Proof Format.

Click Here To Download Address Proof Format

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