Sample Request Letter for Salary Increment

I have attached Sample Request Letter for Salary Increment.


To: Mr./ Ms. XYZ (Dept. Manager)
Copy To: HR
From: ABC (Designation)
Date: …………
Subject: Salary Raise Request








Dear Sir / Ma’m,

I appreciate the opportunity I have had during the last four years of serving as a vital member of the technical support team. This past year has been an especially challenging business environment, but my accomplishments have continued to build on my earlier achievements, and I have high expectations for this success to continue for the foreseeable future.

Here are some highlights of how I have helped the department and the company in the past year / last four years:

  • Developed a proposal that brought a client from the brink of terminating our IT consulting services to renewing at a higher level than ever before, adding a net gain of $500,000.
  • Partnered with several team members to attract new consulting project opportunities
    totalling $1.2 million.
  • Conceptualized, proposed, and produced a research study that serves as a valuable tool for our industry
  • Served on the team of two company-wide task forces that identified redundancies, cut costs, and save the company several million dollars.
  • Participated in and attended four professional meetings, increasing the visibility of the company within the industry.
  • Mentored and trained three interns who handled many routine functions within the department, freeing up team members to focus on new client development and current client retention.
  • Proposed new projects, and completed all new tasks and assignments when requested to do so.

I look forward to continuing to play a key role within the department, however given all of my accomplishments so far, my salary is still below industry averages. I request you to look into the matter at the earliest and I am confident that you will offer a salary increase that reflects these issues and my standing in the department.



(Your Name)