Performance Review For M/c Operators

I have attached word format to review the performance of M/c operators.

Performance Review Form

 Employee Name: ___________________________________ Department: __________________


S No Addressed Specific Competencies Performance Rating on 1 – 10 Scale Remarks
M/c startup /shutdown /Setup process parameter & Operation
Understand & fill up rout card /control card
Material /Product handling
Quality awareness (defect criteria of product, identification of good /bad part)
5 “S” awareness on work place/ overall premises
Awareness about process practices (taking care on product handling /safety items)
Productivity /Awareness about process cycle time
8 Suggestions or new ideas for process improvement, rejection control and saving of power/ time/ material etc.
9 Attitude with team members /supervisors 
10 Training involvement as trainer /as trainee 
11 Attendance /gate pass /overtime whenever necessary
12  Adherence company policies /Discipline
Overall performance Rating

Overall performance:     Not effective     Average     Good     Excellent


Comments if any: _______________________________________________________________________


Dept.  Head Signature:________________ Name:______________________________ Date:__________


HR Manager Signature:________________ Name:______________________________ Date:__________



Criteria for Performance Rating



9 – 10 Understand the subject completely and utilizing the knowledge / skill with full confidence at work place. No guidance and support required to perform/exercise this skill/Knowledge.
6 – 8  Understand the subject fairly and utilizing the knowledge / skill with confidence. Needs further guidance and support on this skill / Knowledge rarely.
3 – 5 Subject understanding is satisfactory. Utilizing the knowledge / skill but require support and guidance occasionally.
1 – 2 A little understanding on the subject. Very less implementation of knowledge / skill. 
0 Does not understanding the subject and observed negligible. Does not implementation of knowledge / skill.
Result:     Below 70= Not effective,     71 to 90= Average,     91 to 110= Good,     Above 110= Excellent 


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