Notes in Performance Appraisal

Notes in performance appraisal

1. General rule

Generally, the staff will improve their way of work before performance appraisal and this will be recorded in the appraisal. However, business should pay attention to that in the annual appraisal and appraise the whole process. The staff’s working behavior will returned to their original status after performance appraisal is completed.

2. Concession in performance appraisal

Remember that concession in performance appraisal results in many troublesome problems. The concession will offer the employees a highly appreciated result for mediocre work and they will be rewarded. However, the same results will continue in their work because they are not assessed at their true worth, not recommended improvement.

3. Overlooking mistake

Overlooking mistake will also make mental troubles. The good staffs have less motivation to work because there no difference between their rewards and that of bad staffs. Lack of strictness leads to concession. Once a high standard is sustained, the appraisal accurately reflects the work of staff. The over-rigorous assessment reduces the employee’s working motivation and makes them disappointed. They think that whatever they do, they also have not got fit reward.

4. Consolidation of employee’s attitude

The consolidation of employee’s attitude focuses on the impact of working behavior. The manager plays a key role in strengthening the staff’s current attitude and proving new working behavior.

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