Performance Improvement Plan?

Performance improvement plan?

1. What is Performance improvement plan (PIP) in Performance Management System?

A plan implemented by a manager or supervisor that is designed to provide employees with constructive feedback, facilitate discussions between an employee and his or her supervisor regarding performance-related issues, and outline specific areas of performance requiring improvement.

2. Other definitions:

2.1. PIP definition of

Performance Improvement Plan is a plan given to an employee whose performance is unsatisfactory in one or more critical elements for the purpose of identifying the deficiencies and how to correct them to attain and sustain performance at the Minimally Meets Expectations level.

2.2. PIP definition of Wikipedia

A Performance Improvement Plan or PIP is a set of explicit goals given to an employee to meet. These goals are usually given as a result of some failure, either dramatic or systemic, on the part of the employee.

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