Difference between Performance Appraisal and Evaluation?

Difference between Performance Appraisal and Evaluation?

1. Definitions of Wikipedia about performance appraisal and evaluation:

A performance appraisal, employee appraisal, performance review, or (career) development discussion[1] is a method by which the job performance of an employee is evaluated (generally in terms of quality, quantity, cost, and time) typically by the corresponding manager or supervisor[2]. A performance appraisal is a part of guiding and managing career development. It is the process of obtaining, analyzing, and recording information about the relative worth of an employee to the organization.

2. Performance appraisal definition of hr.unl.edu


The method of evaluating an employee’s performance which involves tracking, evaluating and giving feedback on actual performance based on key behaviors/competencies established in the goals that support the achievement of the overall organizational mission.

3. Definition of job evaluation at wikipedia:

Job evaluation is the process of systematically determining a relative internal value of a job in an organization. In all cases the idea is to evaluate the job, not the person doing it. Job evaluation is the process of determining the worth of one job in relation to that of the other jobs in a company so that a fair and equitable wage and salary system can be established.

4. Dheerajgoyal ‘s point of views:

I guess the basic difference is that once is a process & another an outcome .. An appraisal has to be preceded by evaluation but the converse is not true .. An evaluation need not necessarily lead to appraisal , it may purely for providing development opportunities or a basic snapshot/track down of the current level of performance ..

5. Samvedan ‘s point of views:

Both lead to your/organization’s judgement as to the performance of the individual in question. Appraisal sounds more refined than the Evaluation, in that one is to “measure” against a yard-stick and the other is to judge (perhaps even without “measuring”.)

In that sense Appraisal tend to be understood as more “objective” and the Evaluation” appears to be more “subjective”. But this need not necessarily be so and how it will be depends upon the individual who appraises or evaluates, his training, his competence on the job and his own personality strengths and weaknesses.

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