Employees Hates Performance Appraisal

Employees Hates Performance Appraisal

I/ Why almost employees hates performance appraisal?

1. Lack of information about the purpose of appraisal

Many employees are not even aware that a good or bad appraisal can impact their career prospects.

2. Time consuming process:

The highly complex questions which they have no answers to or highly complex competencies which they have never heard of confuse them.

3. Difficulty in writing appraisals:

Many employees have poor language skills and they are unable to communicate their performance in right language and support with data.

4. Lack of faith in the appraisal process:

Employee think that his/her manager doesn’t write appraisals based on employee’s performance but bias his/her decisions based on their personal relations with employees.

5. Lack of feedback after appraisal:

Many companies do not provide feedbacks to employees on their performance.

II/ How to decrease hating of employee?

1. HR manager should clearly define the purpose of appraisals to employees and to managers.

2. Train employees on writing appraisals: Another key to make employee appraisals effective is to provide training to employees on appraisal writing skills.

3. Provide effective feedback: After an appraisal is done, let employees have a copy of the appraisal, then you let them know how it impacted their salary, compensation and career.

4. Employees should be involved in appraisal process.

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