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Warning Letter for Inaccuracy in Job

Warning Letter for Inaccuracy in Job

Quality performance is exactly what an organization expects from its employees. A company runs on its human workforce and its success or failure depends on the same. The general bottom line is an organization can fulfill its objectives only if its man power is dedicated to performing.  However, no two organization’s performance can be the same. Hence they need to be scaled according to their own potentiality. While during the evaluation process, if it is brought to notice that there are repeated instances of poor performance or inaccuracy in job, a warning letter is forwarded to the employee reminding of the consequences that might lead him/her into. It serves as a written warning in a formal tone to help the employee bring out the output he/she previously did.

We have provided a sample example of a warning letter for your convenience.

Sample Warning Letter for Inaccuracy in Job


(Company Name)

(Address of the Company)

Date: ___/___/___

(Employee Name)



Subject: Warning letter for inaccuracy in job

Dear (Name),

This letter is to inform you that the company has been monitoring your performance during the past few months and have found your inconsistency in meeting the set targets. Since you have already been briefed in the orientation program that fulfillment of daily targets is the driving force behind the company’s growth, your attitude is unacceptable. We have huge expectations from you and wish you feel free to communicate the reason behind the inaccuracy and poor performance.

You will be under strict scanner in the coming months and be landed on a decision upon taking into consideration your performance during this period. If the same result persists on your part, you will be subjected to strict action in form of termination.

Yours sincerely,


(Your name)

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