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Letter Of Intent for Business Proposal

The letter of intent for business proposal is an official document that is required when you are going to be sealing a deal with a party. It is send by one party seeking to have a proposed arrangement of business with the other party. Letter of intent for business venture or business partnership is written in order to define the terms and conditions of the proposed agreement. In a business proposal letter, you can include the share of each party along with various other terms. An effective letter of intent for startup business is one which includes all the important points that are essential to enter into a business with another party.

You can create a customized Letter of Intent for Business Proposal using the sample letter of intent for business. Follow the letter of intent for business proposal example to write your own letter.

Example for Letter of Intent for Business Proposal


Jennifer Smith


Gatsby Enterprises

New York

Date: April 25rd, 2020


William Hanks


Hans Technologies


Dear Mr. Hanks,

We are writing this letter of intent to express our interest in purchasing your company Hans Technologies along with its inventory and assets. We anticipate that the conditions of proposed deal would be as mentioned below.

Gatsby Enterprises would acquire Hans Technologies which will include the office located at 15 Gibson Towers, California along with the company’s logo, brand equity and clients. We would also be acquiring all the office equipment and furniture along with the inventory. As per the information provided by you, there is an outstanding debt of $25,000.

We propose to provide a compensation of $350,000 which will be released in different stages. The first transfer of $50,000 on the date of execution of purchase agreement. The second transfer of $ 75,000 after 15 days from date of purchase agreement. The rest of the amount will be transferred in six equal instalments over six months after the closing has taken place.

While we finalize the agreement, we would require that all kinds of purchases should be ceased from your end so that we have enough time to finalize the deal. As a part of this letter of intent, we also request you to not disclose about this purchase agreement. Legally, you can only disclose our intent to purchase once the agreement is complete and we have made that public with a joint press release.

This is just a letter of intent for purchase and not an official agreement for purchase. The detailed information on all the terms and conditions of the proposed agreement will be mentioned in the final Purchase Agreement that will be a result of mutual agreement by both the parties after negotiation and discussion. We expect that if we are chosen to be one of the prospective buyers then we must not take more than 30 days in order to close the deal.

We will look forward to hear from you.


Jennifer Smith


Gatsby Enterprises

New York

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