Business Proposal Letter

I have attached sample business proposal letter. It could be modified suitably by you to meet your requirements.




ABC Ltd.


Respected Sir,


Subject: Request for plant visit and discussions by representatives of PQR Ltd., USA for a business tie up.


PQR Ltd. USA is in the business of _______ for the last _____ years and I represent their business interests in India. We believe that there is a significant business opportunity to be tapped in the US for your products. We are therefore exploring the possibility of a tie up with your company, which is recognized as a leader in the field of _____ Since our global sourcing team is in India to explore business opportunities we seek an appointment to meet up with you and your business development team.


A delegation of ___ executives from PQR Ltd lead by their Vice President – Global Business is visiting India from ____ to ____ date and would be in Delhi between ___ date and _____ date. We therefore request a meeting and plant visit on ____date at 11 am to discuss, _____________


We enclose a detailed brochure of our company for your ready reference. We would be obliged if you can arrange to confirm the meeting and plant visit by an email to ________@_____ and / or a call to the undersigned on (M) _____________


Please also feel free to call the undersigned for any additional information that you may seek.


Thank you


Yours sincerely


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