How to reply a Resignation Letter

Resignation and recruitment are two very important processes in a company. When you are working as the HR manager in a company or you are the owner of the organization then you are suppose to be responding to various kinds of requests made by your employees. Resignation letters are one kind of letters that you receive from your employees which must be responded in a formal manner. You have to keep in mind that you have delivered all the information and also that the tone of your letter is professional.

Here are some points which throw light on how to reply a resignation letter. Let us read all the points to ensure a perfect draft.


Assuming that you have received a resignation letter from some of your employee, it is clear that the candidate is not interested in continuing his job. Hence, you must accept his request. But in case, the employee is breaking the contract or is not ready to serve the notice period, then in such a case, you can always reject his application for resignation as you have a strong reason.

Mention About The Last Official Working Day

It is important that you must mention the last working day of the employee in the letter when you have shown the acceptance. You are also suppose to mention the tentative period of pay. All these details are very much essential for making your letter complete in information. In case, the employee is breaking the contract that he had signed while joining the company then you are suppose to be talking about the consequences of breaking the contract by quitting the job before the period mentioned in the contract.

Praise The Candidate

If there are no issues involved with resignation process and if the candidate has genuinely been very good then it is important that you praise his good work, qualities and association with the company in few lines. It is always good to sum up these small things as a good gesture.

Handover of Duties

You can then talk about handing over of duties and responsibilities to a new candidate who is going to replace him. This is optional depending upon the profile and situation.

Last Documents and Company Assets

You can then ask the person to sign the last documents, if any. You can also ask him to submit the company assets, if any, like laptop, mobile phone, credit card etc. before leaving the company with the HR department or any other concerned person.

Expressing Grief

You can also express your grief at the resignation of that person. It is always a formal and good thing to do. It is always appreciated if you end this association on a happy note. It is considered as a nice gesture.

Ask for Exit Interview, if any

If your company conducts exit interview then you can always ask the employee to participate in the process. Give him an option to contact the HR manager or concerned person, if he is interested in seeking the interview. It will always help the relationships stay good.

Wish Luck

The last and the final step is to wish the person good luck in his future ventures to show the optimistic attitude of the company.

Keep all these points in mind while framing an acceptance letter to the request of resignation submitted by an employee of your company. Make sure that you keep the tone of the letter formal and courteous. It is good that you always make the person feel good about the association he has had with the company.