Meeting Confirmation Email Sample

If you have received an invitation for a meeting then as good manner you must send a meeting confirmation email if you are going for that meeting. This is considered as a good professional gesture and you must make sure that don’t miss on sending an email confirming your presence.

Here is a sample format of meeting confirmation email that is given below. Use this example to create a personalized email confirming your presence, Such emails are very short and to the point without any unnecessary information.

Meeting confirmation email Format

Subject: Meeting confirmation

Dear Ms. Johnson,

I am sending you this email in reference to your invitation for the meeting scheduled on October 17th, 2015. I wish to confirm my presence for the meeting and I shall be there at 4 p.m. I have also attached the questionnaire send with the invitation completed with all the answers. In case, you would like me to clarify any of the responses in the questionnaire then please contact me via phone or email.

I am looking forward for our meeting.


Sam Smith

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