How to Write an Employee Recognition Letter with Sample

Employee Recognition Letter with Sample

Every employee needs motivation. Employee recognition is one of the best ways to acknowledge the efforts of your assets. It is worth the time and every penny you spend on it. It is the best way to make employees feel good about the company and its goals. Employee recognition letters are a smart way for encouraging your employees and creating high morale in them.

Here are a few guidelines to help you write the best formal employee recognition letters followed by professionally framed samples for your reference. Refer to the format and follow these tips to draft fine letters that can bring out the best in your human resources.

Tips for Writing Employee Recognition Letter

Here are some important tips which must be kept in mind while framing a formal letter.

  • Keep it personalized. You must mention the name of the employee while writing such a letter to have that personal touch in your draft.
  • Keep it short and simple. You must make sure that the letter is short and simple. It should not be elaborate. It should rather be very specific.
  • Recognize the efforts. It is important that your letter recognizes the efforts of the employee in a very clear manner. Mention the kind of behavior organization expects from its employees and simultaneously encourage him to perform the good job that he has been doing.
  • Keep it encouraging. The tone of such a letter should be motivating and encouraging. Remember that the purpose of such a draft is to induce more confidence in the employee.
  • Timing is important. You must make sure that your timing of recognizing the efforts of your employee is just right. Do not delay it as then the charm is gone.

Example of Employee Recognition Letter

Date: 10.12.14

Dear Mr. Robert Brown,

I, on behalf of the Marketing Department, appreciate you and your team on the amazing efforts and dedication you have showed by successfully handling the project that was handed to you. I was elated to see the timely accomplishment of all the targets. I personally thank you for leading the team and making sure that all the goals are achieved.

We sincerely acknowledge and appreciate your role in the successful accomplishment of the project and hope that you will keep doing amazing work in times to come.

On behalf of the management, we want to bring to your notice that we highly acknowledge your dedication and sincerity towards the work. We are honored to have you in our company.


George Smith

General Manager