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How to Write an Employee Recognition Letter with Sample

Every employee needs motivation. Employee recognition is one of the best ways to acknowledge the efforts of your assets. It is worth the time and every penny you spend on it. It is the best way to make employees feel good about the company and its goals. Employee recognition letters are a smart way for encouraging your employees and creating high morale in them.

Here are a few guidelines to help you write the best formal employee recognition letters followed by professionally framed samples for your reference. Refer to the format and follow these tips to draft fine letters that can bring out the best in your human resources.

Tips for Writing Employee Recognition Letter

Here are some important tips which must be kept in mind while framing a formal letter.

  • Keep it personalized. You must mention the name of the employee while writing such a letter to have that personal touch in your draft.
  • Keep it short and simple. You must make sure that the letter is short and simple. It should not be elaborate. It should rather be very specific.
  • Recognize the efforts. It is important that your letter recognizes the efforts of the employee in a very clear manner. Mention the kind of behavior organization expects from its employees and simultaneously encourage him to perform the good job that he has been doing.
  • Keep it encouraging. The tone of such a letter should be motivating and encouraging. Remember that the purpose of such a draft is to induce more confidence in the employee.
  • Timing is important. You must make sure that your timing of recognizing the efforts of your employee is just right. Do not delay it as then the charm is gone.

Example of Employee Recognition Letter

Date: 10.12.14

Dear Mr. Robert Brown,

I, on behalf of the Marketing Department, appreciate you and your team on the amazing efforts and dedication you have showed by successfully handling the project that was handed to you. I was elated to see the timely accomplishment of all the targets. I personally thank you for leading the team and making sure that all the goals are achieved.

We sincerely acknowledge and appreciate your role in the successful accomplishment of the project and hope that you will keep doing amazing work in times to come.

On behalf of the management, we want to bring to your notice that we highly acknowledge your dedication and sincerity towards the work. We are honored to have you in our company.


George Smith

General Manager

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Employee Recognition Award Policy Sample

Award & Reward policy


Doc. No. HR/Policy/0024

POLICY TITLE: Employee Recognition Policy Document Type:  Central                

In-charge Division/Department:  HR Department


CC: Planning, Procurement, Finance, Projects, Marketing & Technical, Administration

Effective Date:  30/July/2012







INITIAL RELEASE Kashif Mumtaz Ahmed







  1. 1.      General


This policy is intended to recognize and appreciate an employee on outstanding contributions that further the goals and objectives of alfaal. Sincere thanks never grow old. Ongoing, meaningful rewards and recognition provide an effective, low cost way of raising moral and encouraging higher levels of performance.


  1. 2.      Definitions

Pride – refers to self-respect, to satisfaction derived from achievements, to qualities or skills that do one credit. Pride can be derived from various sources and is experienced at different levels:

  • individual pride in the workplace (personal/team/work-unit);
  • organizational pride (department or agency);

Pride is enhanced when appreciation is conveyed through recognition.

Recognition (reconnaissance) – refers to validation through demonstrated appreciation, to acknowledgement and, in some cases, to awards. Recognition covers a range of formal and informal practices in the workplace that collectively express and reinforce values and the way that people work together.

Formal recognition – refers to structured, scheduled activities (for example, the Awards of Excellence,) and departmental-level recognition events. The credibility and integrity of formal recognition programs within organizations and institutions is crucial.

Informal recognition – refers to everyday issues of trust, self-worth and working relationships with others. Informal recognition is extremely important in fostering pride, but is often overlooked. This type of recognition supports an employee’s identification with the organization and its mission, and provides a foundation for formal recognition.

  1. 3.     Employee Recognition Ideas

Employee recognition can be possible by two ways

1)     With No Cost

2)     With minor to moderate cost


1.1 Employee Recognition Ideas (no cost)

i)                   Create and post an “Employee Honor Roll” in reception area

ii)                 Make a thank you card

iii)               Give employees an extra long lunch break

iv)               Establish a place to display memos, posters, photos and so on, recognizing progress towards goals and thanking individual employees for their help.

v)                 Establish a “Behind the Scenes” award

vi)               At a monthly staff meeting, award an Employee of the moth and invite co-workers at the meeting to say why that person is deserving of the award.

vii)             Recognize employees who actively serve the community.

viii)           Start an employee recognition program. Give points for attendance, punctuality, teamwork etc. Provide gift certificates to employees who reach certain point goals.

ix)               Find ways to reward department – specific performance

x)                 Plan a surprise achievement celebration for an employee or group of employees.

xi)               Write a letter of praise recognizing specific contributions and accomplishments. Send a copy to senior management and the employee’s personnel file.

xii)             Acknowledge individual achievement by using employee names in status reports.

xiii)           Greet employees by name.

xiv)           Practice positive nonverbal behaviors that demonstrate appreciation, such as smiles or a handshake.

xv)             When someone has spent long hours at work, give a letter of thanks to him.

xvi)           Acknowledge and celebrate birthdays.

xvii)         Arrange for an outstanding employee to have lunch.


1.2 Employee Recognition Ideas (minor to moderate cost)

i)                   Plan a surprise picnic.

ii)                 Create a Hall of fame wall with photos of outstanding employees

iii)               Make a photo collage about a successful project that shows the people that worked on it.

iv)               Make and deliver a fruit basket.

v)                 Inscribe a favourite book.

vi)               One a year, have a “Staff Appreciation Day”

vii)             Give flowers to an employee

viii)           Give a blue ribbon to an employee for achievement

ix)               Give puzzle as a award to a problem solver.

x)                 Have weekly breakfast with group of employees.

xi)               Treat an employee to lunch.

xii)             Send birthday cards to employee.




Approved By:



__________________                                                                                 ________________

  HR Manager                                                                      

 Click Here To Download HR-Policy-024 – Employee Recognition Policy – 30-07-2012

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Employee Recognition Programs in Indian Companies

Here are the various company recognitions policies of Indian companies.




  • Wipro has a unique package called Encore, which is essentially a basket of non-monetary rewards given to motivate employees and recognize excellent work performance. For example, award Feather-in-My-Cap, is an on-the-spot recognition of an effort awarded to a project or project team; Dear Boss recognizes the positives of a good boss, including technical, managerial, and leadership skills. Awards like Mastermind, which notes the most innovation solution or idea in Wipro and The Wipro Hall of Fame recognizes superlative performers in different roles as well as superlative team performances.


  • In NIIT, there is a practice of naming a conference room or office or training room after the name of the most outstanding employee of the year. The naming is done ceremoniously, the employee family is invited, a cake is ordered; and all the employees assemble for the felicitation.


  • At Federal Express, rated one of the best work workplaces, employee can get one of FedEx 500 aero-planes named after his / her child. RPG managers give certificates to employees to facilitate small achievements and the good work done by them.


  • Two of the most popular methods of recognizing employees are by giving gift certificates and cash rewards. The most common reasons for giving an award are length of service and exceptional performance.


  • In 1998, Price-water House had a Thank You Store for employees to select gifts and thank you cards for supervisors, managers, and office assistants.


  • Johnson & Johnson has peer-to-peer recognition programs, where employees submit nominations on behalf of other employees, teams or oneself. All nominations are reviewed for a Merit Award and all Merit Awards are reviewed for the Chairman Award.


  • The Eureka Award at HCL Comnet is for the entrepreneurs who come up with the best business idea. The Value Creator Award is the most coveted and sought after among the awards given in appreciation of extraordinary individual initiative and innovation.


  • Gotcha recognizes top performers and ranks them on merit. Special vacation packages are given to employees who excel in their targets.


  • Eicher uses a mix of monetary and non-monetary rewards. The financial package helps in sustenance and basic needs fulfillment. The non-financial part helps in recognition and fulfillment of higher order needs. In the non-financial part, Eicher offers perks like study leave, trips, special training, challenging project opportunities, and flexible timings based on individual need.


  • In India many companies like Larsen & Toubro, HLL, P&G, Century Enka and others encourage suggestion from employees on cost savings, energy conservation or quality improvement or increase in sales. The suggestions are periodically reviewed and few employees may get one time cash rewards based on he quantum of savings their suggestions can generate. This cash rewards system on suggestions is mostly up to junior management level.


  • Some companies allow executives to make their own mix of salary packages.


  • In the year 2000, HICOM introduced three awards for employees who were nominated as ˜best leader, ˜best motivator, and best employee. In the same year, the company also introduced the new idea of appreciating subordinates through flower-shaped cards. In addition, the HR department put a big wallboard titled ˜, which was filled with information on the initiatives taken by the employees in the workplace and the appreciation of their initiatives. The management as a policy honors an employee who completes five years of services in HICOM with a gold plated appreciation plaque.


  • The Taj group has patented a unique employee identification tracking and reward programme branded the Star – Special Thanks and Recognition System. It’s an HR initiative aimed at creating an association ‘between our star performers and the Taj. These stars are not the statesmen or tinsel town glitterati who grace the environs of the Group’s hotels, but to the organization they are just as important.
  • The Star campaign offers no cash awards. Recognition comes in the form of levels. Points can be picked up by employees for integrity, respect and regard for others, teamwork, environmental awareness, reliability, outstanding work, courage of conviction and initiative. Practical and useful suggestions that are beneficial to the company can also earn an employee points. Many employees do that extra bit, go out of the way to dazzle the customer satisfaction with employee recognition. It is based on the premise that happy employees lead to happy customers.” However, while employees can earn merit points for acts of excellence or valuable suggestions, one can also earn 20 “default merit” points if the review committee (comprising the GM, training manager and all heads) fails to revert within 48 hours on a suggestion made.
  • Star has five recognition levels. Level 1 or the Silver grade requires an employee to earn 120 points in three months, level 2 or the Gold grade can be reached with 130 points within three months of reaching the Silver level. Level three or the Platinum grade requires an employee to accumulate 250 points within six months of reaching the Gold level. The highest grade at the corporate level is the MD’s Club (at 760 points), below which at 510 points and above, an employee can be part of the Chief Operating Officer’s club. “After the campaign was launched, a large number of employees have started working together in the true spirit of teams

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