Letter of Intent

I have attached sample format of Letter of Intent.

March 22, 2006



Mr. …..




Dear Mr. …,




As mutually discussed and agreed, we are pleased to offer you an appointment as per details given below:


a)           You will be designated as Designation


b)           You will be located at “”. 


c)            You will be entitled to an all-inclusive compensation (cost to company) of            Rs. … /-  (Rupees ………..                                       only) per annum, as discussed and agreed.


The final letter of appointment will be handed over to you upon joining the services of the company, which will be on, or before DOJ


This offer of appointment is subject to your successfully completing the company’s medical examination.


You are requested to sign and return the duplicate copy of this letter as a token of your acceptance of the above offer.



Yours faithfully,

For _________,

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