Employee Satisfaction Survery

 I have Attached Employee Satisfaction Survery

Company Name
New Employee @ 60 days

Employee Name__________________          Position__________________
Department__________________          Date of Hire__________________
Manager’s Name__________________          Date of Meeting __________________

1.       What has your experience been like working for the company so far?
1= very positive experience 2 = somewhat positive experience
3 = positive experience 4= negative experience
Please explain:

2.       Do you understand your current benefits package?
no Clarifications:

3.       Have you reviewed the Employee Handbook?

4.       Any questions or concerns regarding the Employee Handbook? Clarifications:

5.       Do you feel that you have a good understanding of what is expected from you in your job?
no Please explain:

6.       If applicable: Have you started the Excellence training program?

o        How many lessons have you completed?

o        How would you rate the Excellence training program?

o        Any suggestions or changes?


7.       Are there specific training you need to perform you job?

8.       What do you like best about your new job?

9.       What do you like least about your new job?

10.   How are you doing in terms of meeting your goals and objectives?

11.   How do you think you are doing?

12.   Who do you consider to be your internal clients for the goods and services you provide?
(Stress: Customer Focus, Importance of gathering feedback)

13.   Have you had the opportunity to ask your clients for feedback on your performance? Please explain.

14.   Are you getting the necessary resources (i.e. systems, materials) to do your job?

Please explain.

15.   Do you have any concerns about your job that we should discuss?
Please explain.

16.   If yes, have you already discussed these issues with your manager? Results?
(Stress: importance of going to manager, establishing this relationship)

17.   Do you have any additional questions, comments or suggestions today regarding your experience at the company?

18.   Do you have any concerns of questions since we last met?

19.   If applicable, was there anything that prevented you from being delighted in your previous work experiences?
(Try to discover the actual reasons that caused them to leave previous jobs)

20.   Is there anything we are doing here that is preventing you from being delighted?

21.   What has delighted you in your previous work experiences?




90-Day New Employee Meeting Questionnaire

I appreciate you taking the time to meet with me. We believe talking with new employees can help us learn what we, as an organization, are doing that is helping or interfering with you becoming a productive and happy COMPANY team member. Your responses will not become part of your Employment file. Unless you tell me that I can “quote” you your answers will be anonymously added to any summary report we compile. However, if you were to tell me about something that is or could be harassment or improper behavior I would have to talk with the appropriate parties.

NAME/Title:_____________________ DATE OF HIRE: ________________


SUPERVISOR:  ___________________ DATE:  ___________________


VP AREA/DIVISION:  _____________ INTERVIEWER:  ____________

1.             Is your job what you thought it would be?

2.             ___________________________________________________________________

3.             Challenging?___  Interesting?___   OK Working conditions?___

4.             Any positive or negative surprises? ____________________________________

5.             _____________________________________________________________________.


7.             How are you getting along with your supervisor and co-workers?

8.             ___________________________________________________________________

9.             ___________________________________________________________________

10.          __________________________________________________________________

11.          __________________________________________________________________.

12.          Have you established or been given specific goals and performance

13.          expectations?

14.          Goals ____Performance Expectations___ Are they realistic? Yes___   No___

15.          The top 2-3 are:  ____________________________________________________

16.          _____________________________________________________________________

17.          __________________________________________________________________

18.          Any concerns about them?_____________________________________________.


20.          What do you like most and least about working for our COMPANY?

21.          ___________________________________________________________________

22.          ___________________________________________________________________

23.          ___________________________________________________________________

24.          __________________________________________________________________.

25.          How is your workload?

26.          ___________________________________________________________________

27.          ___________________________________________________________________

28.          ___________________________________________________________________

29.          ___________________________________________________________________

30.          __________________________________________________________________.

31.          Do you have discussions with your manager about your

32.          performance and/or work objectives?  Yes__  No__

33.          How often? ________  Has it been helpful? Yes__ No__

34.          ___________________________________________________________________

35.          Would you want there to be More___ Less__ or the Same___

36.          amount of performance feedback from your supervisor?

37.          _____________________________

38.          Comments:_________________________________________________________.

39.          Have you received any training at this COMPANY?  Yes__ No___

40.          What was it? ______________________________________________________

41.          ___________________________________________________________________

42.          How would you rate the training?  Helpful__ Not helpful___

43.          Comments:_________________________________________________________.

44.          What do you know now that you wished someone would have told you

45.          when you first started?

46.          ________________________________________________________

47.          ___________________________________________________________________

48.          What questions do you have that have not yet been answered?

49.          ___________________________________________________________________

50.          ___________________________________________________________________

51.          __________________________________________________________________.

52.          Is there anything hindering you as you try to accomplish your job?

53.          Yes__ No___

54.          If yes, tell me about it.  _____________________________________________

55.          __________________________________________________________________

56.          ___________________________________________________________________

57.          How do you think it should be dealt with? _________________________

58.          ___________________________________________________________________

59.          __________________________________________________________________.

60.          Is there anything you want to tell me that I have not asked about?

61.          ___________________________________________________________________

62.          ___________________________________________________________________

63.          ___________________________________________________________________

64.          __________________________________________________________________.

65.          Is it ok for me to use your name when summarizing comments

66.          from this meeting? Yes___ No___



The 60-Day New Employee Survey

One of the best sources of knowledge and innovation is new employees. We want to know what you’ve learned about Food For Thought and how you think it can be improved. Please use extra paper where needed.


1. Background

Name:                                 Position Title:

Date of Hire:                        Name of Current Department

2. Job Description

Please describe in your own words the three most important things

you do in your job:




How is your workload?    __________________



Name the three most enjoyable aspects of your job:




Name the three least enjoyable aspects of your job:




3. Hiring Process

Was the job for which you were hired accurately described during

the hiring process?

Yes                       No                           Comment

What improvements can be made in the company’s hiring process

so that we can hire better employees?


4.  Orientation and Training

How can Food For Thought improve the orientation process that

introduces new employees to the company’s operations, personnel,

products and services?

What can Food For Thought do to provide you with skills training

so that you can excel at your job?


What do you know now that you wish someone would have told

you when you first started?



5.  Communication

How are you getting along with your supervisor and co-workers?


Do you have specific goals and performance expectations?Yes No

If so, the top 2-3 are:  ______________________________

Any concerns about them?

6. Company Policies and Procedures

Are you unclear about any company policies or procedures as

set forth in the employee handbook or by your supervisor?Yes No

If so, please indicate any questions you may have:


If you are aware of any possible improvements to the way we run

our business, please give us your comments or suggestions:

Thank you!

Signature:                           Date:


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