Offer Letter for Trainee

training offer letter format

Learn to write formal offer letter to trainee offering them to join your company. Respond to the candidates about their successful interview, offering them to join as trainees. Make sure this letter includes all the important terms and conditions in an organized manner. Here is a sample format for your reference which can used as a base for designing a customized offer letter on behalf on your organization. Keep the language simple and to the point.

Offer Letter Format for Trainee

Date: 9th August, 2014

John Smith

52, Richmond Street,

New Jersey

Dear John,

This in response to the interview you had with us. We are pleased to present you with the offer of joining our organization as a trainee.

The terms and conditions concerning training are as follows:

1. Training Period:

You will be entitled to work as a trainee with us for a period of 6 months which will be effective from the date of commencement of this program.

2. Stipend:

You will be entitled to a stipend of $ 500.00 per month. This will not include any other benefits.

3. Posting:

Initially, you will be posted in New Jersey. During the period of 6 months, you can be transferred to any other department or division of the company, anywhere in United States of America and overseas.

4. Notice Period:

The company possesses the right to terminate the trainee from the service on the grounds of breach of terms and conditions or misconduct or violation of rules and regulations by giving 15 days notice.

5. You will be required to sign an agreement on joining.

6. Your performance will be reviewed from time to time during training. In case, your performance is not found in accordance with the standards then your training period will be extended up to a maximum of 6 months with an interim review at the end of third month.

Kindly sign the copy of this letter to accept the above mentioned terms and conditions and return the same to us.

We welcome you to Maxmin Associates and wish you a bright career with us.


Mathew James

Human Resource Manager

Maxmin Associates