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Sample Cover Letter for Bank Graduate Trainee

Importance of a cover letter with a resume needs no mention. It is the best way to grab the opportunity to present your strengths and accomplishments to the employee in a smart and sincere manner to earn that first impression.

If you are a bank graduate trainee looking for a job at some reputed bank then you must learn to draft a good covering letter with perfection. Here is a sample format of cover letter for bank graduate trainees for your reference.

Format Cover Letter for Bank Graduate Trainee

Edward Gibbs
55 Business Street
T:  027 6566555
E: [email protected]

Date: 18th, November, 2014

Mr. James Laurels
Developmental Bank
New York

Dear Mr. James,

Re: position at Ecobank Ghana

Please accept this letter with my resume enclosed as my application for the position of Customer Service Adviser advertised in Daily News on 12 November 2014.

I am a friendly professional possessing an experience of three years in the banking and financial sector. I am very enthusiastic about providing outstanding customer service to the customers. I am a bank graduate trainee from Ohio University.

During my national service at Axis Bank, at the position of Service Adviser, I served three years resolving customers’ banking issues. I provided them with all the useful information and advice concerning their banking issues. My knowledge about the industry and my experienced helped me listen carefully to every customer and resolve their queries by introducing them to the best suited products and services to their highest satisfaction levels.

I have been a great team worker. Social interaction and ability to make the job responsibilities a more enjoyable part of life has been my aim which has also made me the Vice President of my work’s social club.

You can find my academic details in my resume. Thanks for your precious time and attention. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you find me a right candidate for the profile. I look to discuss my professional experiences and ideas with you.

Yours sincerely

[sign here]

Edward Gibbs

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Graduate Engineer Trainee Interview Questions and Answers

A Graduate Engineer Trainee after completion of his education prepares himself for joining the job world. As a Graduate Engineer trainee you might not be having experience but during interviews you can highlight your achievements and most interview questions are designed in this way. Find here some interview questions that are commonly asked in Graduate Engineer Trainee interview. The answers for these questions are also given for your reference. Through these questions and answers prepare yourself for your interview.

1 Q: Tell me about yourself.

A: As you don’t have experience so you cannot say about your work experience. Answer by describing about your education and achievements. Do not say anything about your personal traits or any other personal details. The interviewer is only interested in knowing whether you are suitable for the company or not. Keep the answer simple and brief.

2 Q: What are your Academic achievements?

A: Give a generic and impressive answer to this question. During the course of your education, you must have been successful. Describe about the achievement and also mention how you achieved using your skills. Your answer should be short and only your academic achievements should be highlighted.

3 Q:. Why do you think you are suitable for the position of Graduate Engineer Trainee?

A: You need to have a clear idea about the job responsibilities and the skills required for Graduate Engineer Trainee. The interviewer is not expecting you to give full knowledge about your education and qualifications. Match your skills and abilities with the job requirements in your answer. Be confident while answering so as to prove yourself suitable for the position.

4 Q: What motivates you?

A: Working in a team and achieving the goals can be a motivation for you. Accepting challenges and working under pressure can also be a motivation. You can also relate what motivates you to the specific requirements and duties of the job you are applying for. You can also give examples where you have motivated yourself to achieve success. This also shows that you work towards achieving success.

5 Q: What do you expect to be doing in five years time?

A: Be realistic in your answer and say about where your career could go in five years time. You can say that you see yourself in this company in five years time or any other thing which is related to your career. Do not mention anything about your personal goals.

6 Q:. Why did you choose to do your graduation in Engineering?

A: You need to be prepared with this answer before your interview. Say about the skills you learnt from doing this course which are also applicable for the job you are interviewing for. You should very well know why you wanted to do your graduation in Engineering and not in any other field. Give a short and simple answer to the question.

7 Q:. Why do you want to join as a trainee in our company?

A: Even before applying, you should be very well aware of as what the company does and what work will be required from you. It is very essential to spend time finding about these things so as to give a proper answer to this question. Give examples of your skills which will benefit the company so as to impress the interviewer. This is a very common question for trainees.

8 Q:. What are your strengths?

A: Knowing your skills before appearing for your interview is necessary for answering this question. You can mention anything which relates to the job of Graduate Engineer trainee such as strong academic results, your achievements, creative skills etc. You need to back up your strengths with relevant examples of where you have demonstrated these skills and competencies in your answer.

9 Q:. Can you define the duties of a Graduate Engineer trainee?

A: You should be able to answer this question easily. Most of the information is specified in the job description. A little bit of research on the work to be performed will help you in giving a confident answer. This is a very common question and preparing the answer before appearing for the interview will help you in giving a confident answer. The interviewer wants to find out whether you are aware of the duties and are you really serious about this job position.

10 Q: Why should we hire you?

A: Be brief and give an answer in an impressive way. You have to stand apart from other candidates. Mention your unique skills which will contribute to the overall development of the organization. Highlight your knowledge, abilities and skills and show that you will be a strong asset to the company. Your answer should include only positive details and you should be able to impress the interviewer with your answer.

11 Q:. What has been your greatest achievement?

A: The achievement you have to mention here is not about getting an engineering degree. As every other candidate will be having an engineering degree for this job, so you should say something that will make you stand out and should be able to relate to the job you are interviewing for. Mention some work which you have undertaken during your graduation which you have completed successfully or about some projects about which you were appreciated for. Whatever you say, it should be only one achievement and you have to describe how you achieved it.

12 Q: What do you look for in a job?

A: Mention that you want an opportunity to utilize your skills and knowledge to perform and contribute to the company. As a Graduate Engineer trainee you want to efficiently utilize the skills and training received for the benefit of the company and at the same time are looking for challenges and learning experience.

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Offer Letter for Trainee

Learn to write formal offer letter to trainee offering them to join your company. Respond to the candidates about their successful interview, offering them to join as trainees. Make sure this letter includes all the important terms and conditions in an organized manner. Here is a sample format for your reference which can used as a base for designing a customized offer letter on behalf on your organization. Keep the language simple and to the point.

Offer Letter Format for Trainee

Date: 9th August, 2014

John Smith

52, Richmond Street,

New Jersey

Dear John,

This in response to the interview you had with us. We are pleased to present you with the offer of joining our organization as a trainee.

The terms and conditions concerning training are as follows:

1. Training Period:

You will be entitled to work as a trainee with us for a period of 6 months which will be effective from the date of commencement of this program.

2. Stipend:

You will be entitled to a stipend of $ 500.00 per month. This will not include any other benefits.

3. Posting:

Initially, you will be posted in New Jersey. During the period of 6 months, you can be transferred to any other department or division of the company, anywhere in United States of America and overseas.

4. Notice Period:

The company possesses the right to terminate the trainee from the service on the grounds of breach of terms and conditions or misconduct or violation of rules and regulations by giving 15 days notice.

5. You will be required to sign an agreement on joining.

6. Your performance will be reviewed from time to time during training. In case, your performance is not found in accordance with the standards then your training period will be extended up to a maximum of 6 months with an interim review at the end of third month.

Kindly sign the copy of this letter to accept the above mentioned terms and conditions and return the same to us.

We welcome you to Maxmin Associates and wish you a bright career with us.


Mathew James

Human Resource Manager

Maxmin Associates

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Letter of Confirmation for Industrial Training

I have Attached Trainee Confirmation Letter

Date: 01/12/09

The TPO,



Dear Sir,

It is our pleasure to confirm you that Mr. ……… Roll No. ………student of MCA in your college with Ref. code: ……. will work with our company as an “Industrial Trainee” for the period of Six months.
The management will view his performance continuously during the period of his training and if his performance will be found satisfactory and outstanding, management can decide to retain him as a permanent employee of the organization. We hope the same co-operation in future.

Thanks & Regards,


HR Manager

OSSAGHO Corporation,

S.C.O. 6, 1st Floor,

Novelty Plaza, Opp. Park Plaza,

Ludhiana – 141001 (Pb.)

TEL:     +91 161 2772775

+91 161 2772745


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