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5 Best Employee Engagement Tools and Techniques

Setting up a company and running it is not just enough; sticking on to its reputation is the most important and tiring task. You being the owner, must be able to answer to questions like, “What is it that makes your company special to the employees? What is the driving force that does not allow employees seek for better jobs around? I was reading a post the other day, when I came across the most interesting question, “How many of your people would continue to work here after winning a $5M lottery?”

If you have a crisp answer to these questions, you are heading to the right direction. And remember, this is not about your company’s motto. But in case, if you are taking some time to answer these, you are in serious need of help. Your workforce needs some severe refurbishing.

I have come with the top 5 serious damage control tricks to help you bring back your company to the right direction. Have a look!

1. Relate the success and failure of different projects with relevant stories. Turn to stories and experiences that can back up both the positive and negative ends of a certain project. Make them understand how important they are to the company and how their contribution make a difference to the organization, management, leadership, customer, and society. At the end make strategies about what needs to be done and what needs continuation for the betterment of your business venture.

2. Rate employee’s performance on the end result your organization came up with. Because it does not matter the intensity of engagement in a particular position if it brings no productivity. It can be quite motivating to discover how wonderfully his/her contribution bought laurels to your company. Again, mentioning about the loss and negative consequences bought to the organization bring guilt to the employee which positively influences his work report.

3. You should be open to criticize and feedback. Only then you will be able to learn from your mistakes. This is one of the best employee engagement tools you could use. Be it in the moment, formal, informal, positive, constructive, group, individualized, frequent or timely, they are helpful to your organization. Autonomy and flexibility are the key components. Other components like communication, transparency, hard-skill development, charity etc. keep the moral of the employees high and superb.

4. Social media is everywhere today and hence can be used as a major driving tool to motive employees. A line from positive deviancy says; never do anything about me without me. And yes! It is indeed true while running any organization. Strategies like making a company’s page over the internet and making everyone join the page to discuss about hot issues brewing in the company. This way employee feels connected and led to better work report.

5. Create a dashboard of engagement to keep employees updated on a daily basis. Apply common set theory as an employee engagement tool. If majority of your employees use smart phones, make it a primary tool to deal with engagement information, measurement, and intervention. The bottom line is engage more, measure less and enchant more often.

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