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Indemnity Bond Format

I have attached draft of Indemnity Bond.



THIS INDENTURE made the _____ Day of _____,_____, between


_____ Widow of late _____ son of _____ resident of _____, Hereinafter called “Principal Party” of the first part and


______________________________Hereinafter called the “the Surety” of the  second part and _____ Hereinafter called “the Bank” of the third part.


Whereas Late _____ Deceased at the time of his  death had the  following accounts with this Bank.




 Whereas the said principal party _____ claim /claims to be heir/heirs to the said late _____ and entitled  of the above  mentioned property of the  deceased and also claim/claims the payment  of the balance/ balances standing to he credit of the deceased in the book of the Bank.




NOW THIS INDENTURE witness that in consideration of the payment of the Bank of amounts above specified ( the receipt whereas  the said Principal party  hereby the acknowledges) the  said surety both  bind  themselves severally and jointly to pay the aforesaid amounts  with interest  loss damages and costs of  all kinds  whatsoever to the said Bank. In case any claim is made about the aforesaid money / moneys by any body else.


Further in consideration of the aforesaid payment to the said principal party by the said bank. The said principal party and the said Surety both undertake for themselves their heirs executors and administrators to hold the said bank its agents etc. harmless and (indemnified in respect of all claims to the aforesaid money).


IN WITNESSES WHEREOF the said _____ wife of late _____  And ______________ have put their  signatures.




1.     Signature _______________


Name: _____


Address: _____, _____.




2.     Signature _______________


Name: _____ 


Address: _____, _____.


Click Here To Download Draft of Indemnity Bond


Draft of Indemnity Bond

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