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Exit Interview Questionnaire

 I have Attached Exit Interview Questionnaire









Your departure from Company Name will indeed be a great loss to us.  We would, however take this opportunity to understand from you the good practices we have and also gaps in our existing systems and processes and try to further improve upon them.  Your feedback is extremely important to us and we would

be grateful for your feedback and frank comments on the issues as mentioned hereunder:-


Employee Name: ____________________________  Employee Code  :_____________________

Date of Joining  : ___________________________      Date of Leaving :_____________________

Designation       : _____________________________  Department       : ____________________



1.       How would you rate Company Name as a MODEL employer (please tick one)

Excellent Good Average Poor


2.      Please mention 3 things you like best about COMPANY NAME TECHNOLOGIES.






3.      Please mention 3 things you do not like about COMPANY NAME TECHNOLOGIES.






4.      What is/are the reason(s) of your leaving COMPANY NAME TECHNOLOGIES?





5.      How, in your opinion, the next assignment is going to add value to your career?


a. Monitory benefits.

b. Joining one grade higher than present position.

c. Assurance for promotions proportioned to my achievements.

d. Independent responsibility.



6.       Would you recommend your friends/acquaintances to join COMPANY NAME TECHNOLOGIES ?  Please give reasons.






7.       Would you re-join COMPANY NAME TECHNOLOGIES, if given an offer in future?  If yes, on what terms?




8.      Please complete the following by ticking one of the 4 boxes:-


  Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree
– My skills have been used effectively.        
– I was provided all useful information, on time.        
– My work schedule met my professional needs.        
– I was given opportunities to grow (career advancement)        
– I had a clear understanding of the tasks and expectations        
– I had the opportunity to work on different and/ or latest technologies        
– My Job training was adequate.        
– My orientation to the job was effective.        

Shift Issues:

– I worked in the normal shift hours and it was comfortable        
– I was comfortable with odd shift hours.        
– I found shift hours very over stressed.        

Relationship at workplace

– I had good work relationships with my coworkers.        
– I had good work relationship with my supervisor/superiors.        
– I had good work relationships with my subordinates        


– The pay package was fair for the responsibilities I was assigned.        
– Perquisites/ fringe benefits were competitive.        
– Salary increments were commensurate to performance.        

Facilities and benefits:

– I was given fair and equal treatment.        
– Working conditions met expectations        
– The company is employee friendly        
– Leave Policy was adequate        
– Mediclaim Insurance Policy was adequate (if applicable)        
– Equipments and resources provided were adequate        



9.       Please comment on any other issue, you would like to share.







Employee Signature:                                                                                                         Date:





Thank you for your co-operation








Assessment Sheet:-



Sec A:


Additional Suggestions / Comments from the interviewee:











Sec B:


Observations / Comments by the interviewer:




















  • Interviewer name; Emp code & Signature:






  • Date of the Exit Interview conducted: _________________


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Exit Interview Analysis

Attach herewith Exit Interview Analysis Sheet.

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