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New Staff Induction Check List Format

Please Find The Attachment Employee Induction Check List

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Employee Name :
Designation :
Employee Code :
Department/Location :
Date of Joining :
Date of Induction :
Personal Documentation Department Responsible Status
Photograph Y N
Educational & Experience Certificates Y N
Emergency Contact Details Y N
Joining Report Y N
Proof of Permanent & Present Address Y N
Birth Certificate & National ID Card Y N
NOC/Releiving Letter, if applicable Y N
Referee Details Y N
Employment Terms & Conditions Department Responsible Status
Letter of Employment Issued & Signed Y N
Probationary Period & Confirmation Y N
Hours of Work & Breaks Y N
Payment Day & Procedures Y N
Leave Entitlements & Benfits Y N
Grievance & Disciplinary Procedures Y N
Termination/Separation Procedures Y N
Health, Safety & Security Department Responsible Status
Awareness of Safety & Hazards Y N
Reporting of Accidents & Hazards Y N
Emergency Procedures Y N
First Aid Procedures Y N
Personal & Workplace Hygiene Y N
Security Norms & Procedures Y N
Introduction to the Company Department Responsible Status
Organizational History & Background Y N
Vision/Mission of the Company Y N
Functional Organogram Y N
Local & International Structure, if applicable Y N
Top Management Authorities Y N
Organizational Culture Y N
Introduction to Products Y N
Salary, Welfare & Benefits Department Responsible Status
Salary Structure & Others Y N
Attendance & Salary Administration Y N
Bank Account Opening Y N
Issuance of Mobile Sim/Telephone Y N
Travelling, Conveyance & Allowances Y N
Insurance & Medical Facilities Y N
Canteen Facility & Meal Breaks Y N
Leave Policy & Procedures Y N
Performance Management System Y N
Increment, Promotion & Pay Reviews Y N
Loan/Financial Assistence Y N
Recognition, Awards & Incentives Y N
PF, Gratuaty & Retirement Scheme Y N
Code of Conduct Department Responsible Status
General Appearance & Dress Code Y N
Attendance & Punctuality Management Y N
Poor Performance & Negligence Y N
Telephone, Computer & Internet Use Y N
Office Cleanliness & Responsibility Y N
Water & Light Saving Y N
Tobacco & Alcohol Subatances Y N
Sexual Harassment Y N
Get-Together/Celebration Events Y N
Use of Job Specific Equipment, Tools, Assets Y N
Care of Issued Items Y N
Safety Precautions Y N
Stationary & Assets Department Responsible Status
Laptop/PC/Mobile Set/Pendrive Y N
Identity & Business Card Y N
Stationary & Supplies Y N
Work Station & Desk Y N
Mail ID, Mobile Number Y N
Induction to the Job  & Procedure Department Responsible Status
Introduction to Managers/Supervisors Y N
Introduction to Other Staffs Y N
Introduction to HR Team/Top Management Y N
Explain the Job & Responsibilities Y N
Personal Relation at Work Y N
Initial Training Plans after Induction Y N
Training & Development Y N
Performance Evaluation Procedure Y N
Departmental Functions & Aims Y N
Customer Service & Quality of Work Y N
Grievance Handling Procedures Y N
Mentoring & Counseling Y N
Note: This Form should be sent to all concerned personnel including the Inductee, atleast 2 days before the scheduled date of Induction & make sure of being present of all concerned on the same.
Signature of Manager/Supervisor Date Signature
Signature of Departmental Head Date Signature
Signature of HOD-HR/Manager Date Signature

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