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Drug Testing Consent Form

Drug Testing Consent Form

If you are hiring someone whose duties will include driving a car or truck, it may be advisable, or necessary, to ask potential employees to undergo drug screening.

Sample of Drug Testing Consent Form

I have applied for employment with HANA GROUP in a position that requires me to operate a truck. As a condition for my application being considered, I understand and agree to undergo substance screening. I understand that if my test results are positive, I shall not be considered further by HANA GROUP for a truck driver position.

I hereby authorize any physician, laboratory, hospital or medical professional retained by HANA GROUP for screening purposes to conduct such screening and to provide the results to HANA GROUP, and I release HANA GROUP and any person affiliated with HANA GROUP and any such institution or person conducting the screening, from liability therefor.

Applicant’s signature: ___________________________________________________

Applicant’s name: ___________________________________________________

Date: ______________________________________________

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