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How to handle Employee from committing suicide

With increasing stress levels and tensions at personal, professional and emotional front, the number of attempts to suicide is one the rise. Problems like recession, loans, due payments and work pressure leave workers with no other choice but to put an end to these problems by putting an end to their lives. And work place is the most comfortable place to put these suicidal thoughts into action as no one wants to have his family witness such a devastating act.

Co-workers can play a significant role in handling these suicidal employees and saving them from making such a move. With their vigilance and intelligence, they can save someone’s life. This article focuses on how you, as a manager, co-worker or colleague can handle your office mate from committing suicide.

Notice Signs of Depression

Depression is the root cause of suicide. It is really important for you to be sensitive and vigilant to the alarming signs of depression. This state of mind can be because of some loss in personal life or some trauma in the professional life. Life changing events like death of a beloved, divorce or some other kind of serious rejection in life. It is advisable to be watchful of such big changes in the lives of your colleagues and notice their reactions to such events.

Be Watchful of Weird Comments

Sometimes a person makes a weird remark or comment which is unusual. This can be because the person is hurt or in deep pain. Idea to commit suicide doesn’t come in a day’s time; it is rather very gradual and is evident in behavior and talks. These may start months before the date when he plans to take his life.

Be Ready to Talk and Listen

It is important to be there for someone when he needs to talk. A small conversation may help him feel better. You just need to be a listener so that he can vent out his feelings. This little interaction can help him survive the tough times. During such times, person prefers isolation and when he finds a listener in such a scenario, he feels a lot matter.

Provide Counseling

Counseling sessions are the best programs for such employees as it gives them a direction in life. It helps them come out of their problems and restart their life with more zeal. This is one of the most effective ways of dealing with these cases. It is important to spot the candidate who needs help and providing him with counseling sessions from trained professionals can really help them face the problems and fight the situations like a warrior.

Keep the Work Culture Friendly

The performance of a company strictly depends on the performance of the employees. Hence, it is very important for the employees to stay happy and healthy so that they can perform with the best of their abilities. Keep the culture of your organization of healthy and friendly so that your employees feel comfortable and secure in the company. This will give them a boost in their professional lives and they will be able to deal with their personal problems with more confidence.

These are some of the helpful steps which can surely be of great help in dealing with employees who are facing tough times in their lives and are thinking of committing suicide.


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