10 Things You Must Never Include in Your Resignation Letter

Once you have decided that you are quitting your job, the next step to follow is to write a formal resignation letter. It might simple to write a resignation letter but it is actually not so simple as you need to be very particular about what information your letter must contain in it and what details you must never include in such letters.

When you write down to pen your resignation letter, make sure you sit with a calm mind and gather all your thoughts. You can note down the points you wish to include on a piece of paper and begin writing your letter in a professional and polite tone. You need to write a letter which marks an end to your job with the company but doesn’t affect your association with the people with whom you have worked during this tenure.

Given below are the 10 things that must never be included in your resignation letter.

  1. Hated Working Here

You might have not enjoyed working with the company and you might want to tell them that you hated every minute you spent with the company but this is one thing that you must never include in your letter. You can keep this to your close friends only. Never mention such a thing.

  1. Why Was I Treated Unfair

You might have not been treated fairly but asking such a question is just not right, especially when you are leaving the company. This kind of a question hints that you have hired a lawyer. So completely avoid this kind of a question in your letter.

  1. You Are the Worst Boss

Most of the people quit because of their bosses and it might be true that your boss is the worst of all but putting it in your resignation is just not the right thing to do. You should never make any personal remark in your letter.

  1. I Will Sort It Out One Day

Always be careful of using a threatening language in your letter. You must know that whatever you are writing will be documented for life and therefore, it has to be framed using the right words in a positive manner. A written threat can be very damaging to you and to your association with the company and it might add some legal edge to it.

  1. Tell Me About Openings in Future

You think that when you are quitting the job today, the employer would be interested in hiring you for any other job in future. Well, certainly no!!! So, do not include such a stupid statement in your letter as it will not make you look sweet but definitely foolish.

  1. I Know What’s The Problem With Your Company

Even if you know what the problem is, you must not talk about it in your resignation letter. This is not a letter of suggestion stating points of improvement for the company but a simple formal letter informing about your intention to leave. So keep it limited to that area only.

  1. XYZ Sabotaged My Work

Even if there is some person who actually destroyed your work, you are not suppose to be naming that person in your resignation letter. This is neither the right time nor the right place to do that.

  1. My Next Job Will Be…..

For sure, your present employer is just not interested in your next job and he doesn’t even care. Your resignation letter is not the right document in which you should be stating all of this. In case your supervisor asks you this question then you can answer him. And if you are joining the rival firm or competitor of your present company, you must not be very specific.

  1. I Will Miss This Company and My Team A Lot

You must not be over expressive in stating your feelings. Even if you are going to miss your team, do not use this letter to express your feelings to loud.

  1. I Know You Will Miss Me Too

Never ever include such kind of lines in your resignation letter as it is rude and unprofessional. And this is not place to boast about your good work.