Employee Appreciation Sample Letter Format

Please Find the attachment of Employee Appreciation Sample Letter Format.


To,                                                                                                                        Date:
Mr. / Miss. / Mrs.  [Employee Name]



Dear Mr. / Miss. / Mrs.  [Employee Name]


Many congratulations for your success and achievement in our organization. With all your hard work and dedication towards your work you have prove it that you have all capabilities to handle many big projects. Your abilities to motivate others and to play the important role in team have resulted in a significant increase the success of the project [PROJECT NAME/Task Name/Assignment] As you know that the [PROJECT NAME/Task Name/Assignment] was a very prestigious project for our company to grow in global market and you had handled the project on your own. Thus the success of this project belongs to you.  Not only our company but our clients are also satisfied with your work and they were praising about your work. Hence the company has decided to appreciate you for your work dedication and excellent team coordination by issuing this letter.

Once again many congratulations and hope you will maintain this attitude and dedication throughout your future projects.


Thanking you
Yours Sincerely,
[Manager Name]
Company Name


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