Recruitment KPI

Recruitment key performance indicators (KPIs) is a part of Human resources KPI include KPI as follows:

1. Recruitment costing KPI

• Recruitment costing per position.
• Recruitment costing per position per channel
• Average sourcing cost per hire Average sourcing cost per hire. Sourcing costs include advertising, referral and agency

2. Recruitment time KPI

• Average time to recruit. Calculating from date of recruitment require to date of employee hired.
• Average time to recruit per position.

3. Recruitment source KPI

• Number of CVs / per channel
• Recruitment source ratio. Ratio between internal versus external recruits.

4. Selection KPI

• Average number of interviews from submitted resumes. Track the number of converted submitted resumes to interviews.
• Number of qualified candidate compared to resumes.

5. Recruitment efficiency KPI

• % recruitment achievement meet hiring plan
• % new hires achieving 6 months service
• % new hires achieving 12 months service
• % new hires achieving satisfactory appraisal at first assessment.

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