Front Office Executive Interview Questions and Answers

Front Office Executive Interview Questions and Answers

Front office Executive is a customer service related job. The work of a front office executive is very sensitive as they interact with clients. They perform various administrative tasks in an organization which are essential in every organization. Front office executive should be able to manage stress and time effectively. Find below some frequently asked Front office executive interview questions and answers. The questions are basic questions usually asked in a Front Office Executive position. It is important to be honest and confident while answering the questions.

1 Q: Why do you want to work as Front Office Executive?

A: You can say about your liking of interacting with people and how your skills match with the requirements of the job of Front Office executive. Your answer should be convincing and it should be able to impress the interviewer.

2 Q: How do you describe yourself?

A: You can describe your personal characteristics and attitudes giving examples. You can also add your experience which relate to the job you are interviewing for. Be honest in your answer and do not give an answer that is too lengthy. Limit your answer to two to three minutes.

3 Q:. How do you deal with angry clients?

A: You need to show your skills and abilities while answering this question. Say how open you are to handle difficult situations. There is always a way to find solution to problems by following the companies rules and regulations. You need to remember that clients are always right and so you have to deal accordingly. You need to act in a way which benefits both the client and the organization.

4 Q: What are the key skills required in a front office executive?

A: Communication and time management skills are the key skills that are required in a front office executive. Also mention with examples how you demonstrated these skills in your previous job. It is better to be honest in your answer as these are key skills which are required to perform the job role efficiently.

5 Q: What do you know about our company?

A: It is important to know as much as possible about the company you are interviewing for. Do your research about the company. Include the type of product the company sell, how long the company has been in business, about the company mission statement etc. Read the company website and press releases to gain knowledge about the company.

6 Q:. How will you handle a client who comes up with a question, the answer of which you don’t know?

A: Mention how you are interested in learning more by interacting with different customers. Describe your skills to learn new questions and adapt new situations while dealing with clients. Also you can always take the help of your supervisor whenever needed.

7 Q:. How good are your technology skills?

A: A front office executive should have good knowledge of using various types of technology. Computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers etc. are to be used by front office executive. Also mention the type of software’s you have knowledge about. Be honest in your answer and give examples of the training you undertook.

8 Q:. How would you conduct meetings?

A: A front office executive has to mail the respective persons about the time, place and date of the meeting. Calling the respective persons for meeting confirmation and making arrangements for the meeting and Co-ordinating with the management for the meeting are other tasks that have to be performed for conducting a meeting.

9 Q:. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A: It is always easy to answer a question about strengths. You can answer any of the strengths you have but relate it to the job you are interviewing for. For describing your weakness either mention a weakness which does not relate directly for the job of a front office executive or convert your weakness into strength and mention the steps you are taking to overcome the weakness.

10 Q: How would your co-workers describe you?

A: The interviewer is interested in knowing more about your personality traits. Mention the traits which your co workers often mention about you during your job. Be confident while answering and do not mention anything which is untrue.

11 Q:. Why do you think good customer service is required from a front office executive?

A: A front office executive is responsible for interacting with the clients and customers of the company. A front office executive is often considered as the face of the company. So, good customer service is expected from a front office executive. Say about how you will provide good customer service to the clients of the organization. Be confident while answering this question.