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HR Executive Interview Questions and Answers

Human resources executives manage the administrative tasks that involve employee compensation, benefits and motivation. HR executives are often involved in determining the staffing needs, study submitted resumes and setting up interviews. They have various other duties apart from these functions. Below you will find some frequently asked HR Executive interview questions and answers. Be prepared with these questions as well as prepare yourself for other questions as well. Whatever you say, be positive and answer with confidence.

1 Q: What are the key tasks of an HR Executive?

A: An HR executive performs the basic functions of the HR department. The areas include personnel management, social welfare and maintenance of HR records. HR executive plays a key role in HR functions. You can also refer to the job description before appearing for your interview.

2 Q: Mention the skills required for an HR Executive.

A: The skills required for an HR Executive include analytical skill, decision making skill, good communication skills, and negotiation and leadership skills. An Hr Executive has to possess these skills so as to perform their responsibilities. Give examples where you have shown these skills in your previous job or if you are fresher give examples from your internship programs.

3 Q:. What do you know about the position of HR Executive?

A: HR Executive provides HR administrative functions in the areas of recruitment, training and development of people and updating and maintaining HR records. It is also advisable to read the job description before appearing for the interview so as to answer this question. Keep your answer brief and task oriented.

4 Q: How long would you stay with us?

A: Say that you are interested in a long term commitment with the organization but also add that as long as the company provides learning, growth and challenging opportunities you will remain with the organization. The interviewer is judging your seriousness about the job.

5 Q: What does an HR Executive look for while hiring people?

A: Hiring people needs certain skills and an Hr Executive is responsible for hiring the right employees. Describe your strategy of deciding in favor of a particular candidate. Mention the skills you look for apart from education and experience. The personality of the candidate should match with the job role that has to be performed. After taking into account different factors, an HR executive can hire people.

6 Q:. What do you think is the most difficult thing about being an HR Executive?

A: Give an honest answer and also mention how you will overcome the difficulty. You can say that the most difficult thing is to motivate employees. Describe what steps you will take to not make this a difficulty and accept it as a challenge. You can mention some other things also which you think will be challenging for you.

7 Q:. Why do you want to work for us?

A: You have to speak in terms of the company’s needs while answering this question. You can say that you want to be involved in the work which the company is doing as it interests you a lot. You should mention that you would like to be a part of the team and contribute to the organization. It is very essential to know about the company so as to relate with your motive of working with the company.

8 Q:. Why is employee training important to an organization?

A: Employee training is important to organizations. Training programs enables employees to know about company policies, work culture and management. The employees through these training programs feel comfortable in the new environment. However, many times training programs are held with different purposes. You can describe other reasons as well.

9 Q:. What motivates you?

A: The interviewer is trying to see whether you are motivated or not. It is also a way to find out if you are compatible for the job. Describe the interviewer what motivates you. Say what is true. Do not impress them as once you are selected then this answer will not help you in the long run. You should also not deny that you do not need motivation. Motivation is important for HR executive as they are further responsible for motivating for employees.

10 Q: In what ways can you contribute to our company?

A: You need to impress the interviewer with your answer. Say about your skills, personality and experience which will help you in contributing to the company. You need to prepare this answer before appearing for your interview. The answer should be such that the interviewer feels that you will be the best fit for the company as you will be going to contribute to the company.

11 Q:. What is your biggest weakness?

A: Be realistic in your answer and mention one weakness which is not directly related to the job. Emphasize what you have done to overcome it and improve it. You cannot deny that you don’t have any weakness. Everyone has a weakness. You can also show your weakness in a positive way.

12 Q: Are you applying for other jobs as well?

A: You need to give an honest answer to this question. If you are leaving your previous job, it is obvious that you are applying for other jobs as well. Do not get into too much detail. You are not required to name the companies you have applied to.

13Q: How do you handle stressful situations?

A: You can answer this question in several ways. You have to give specific examples of stressful situations and how you deal with them. You can also add that you work best under such situations or you can say that if the situation goes out of your hand you will consult your boss for the resolution of the issue.

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Front Office Executive Interview Questions and Answers

Front office Executive is a customer service related job. The work of a front office executive is very sensitive as they interact with clients. They perform various administrative tasks in an organization which are essential in every organization. Front office executive should be able to manage stress and time effectively. Find below some frequently asked Front office executive interview questions and answers. The questions are basic questions usually asked in a Front Office Executive position. It is important to be honest and confident while answering the questions.

1 Q: Why do you want to work as Front Office Executive?

A: You can say about your liking of interacting with people and how your skills match with the requirements of the job of Front Office executive. Your answer should be convincing and it should be able to impress the interviewer.

2 Q: How do you describe yourself?

A: You can describe your personal characteristics and attitudes giving examples. You can also add your experience which relate to the job you are interviewing for. Be honest in your answer and do not give an answer that is too lengthy. Limit your answer to two to three minutes.

3 Q:. How do you deal with angry clients?

A: You need to show your skills and abilities while answering this question. Say how open you are to handle difficult situations. There is always a way to find solution to problems by following the companies rules and regulations. You need to remember that clients are always right and so you have to deal accordingly. You need to act in a way which benefits both the client and the organization.

4 Q: What are the key skills required in a front office executive?

A: Communication and time management skills are the key skills that are required in a front office executive. Also mention with examples how you demonstrated these skills in your previous job. It is better to be honest in your answer as these are key skills which are required to perform the job role efficiently.

5 Q: What do you know about our company?

A: It is important to know as much as possible about the company you are interviewing for. Do your research about the company. Include the type of product the company sell, how long the company has been in business, about the company mission statement etc. Read the company website and press releases to gain knowledge about the company.

6 Q:. How will you handle a client who comes up with a question, the answer of which you don’t know?

A: Mention how you are interested in learning more by interacting with different customers. Describe your skills to learn new questions and adapt new situations while dealing with clients. Also you can always take the help of your supervisor whenever needed.

7 Q:. How good are your technology skills?

A: A front office executive should have good knowledge of using various types of technology. Computers, printers, scanners, photocopiers etc. are to be used by front office executive. Also mention the type of software’s you have knowledge about. Be honest in your answer and give examples of the training you undertook.

8 Q:. How would you conduct meetings?

A: A front office executive has to mail the respective persons about the time, place and date of the meeting. Calling the respective persons for meeting confirmation and making arrangements for the meeting and Co-ordinating with the management for the meeting are other tasks that have to be performed for conducting a meeting.

9 Q:. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A: It is always easy to answer a question about strengths. You can answer any of the strengths you have but relate it to the job you are interviewing for. For describing your weakness either mention a weakness which does not relate directly for the job of a front office executive or convert your weakness into strength and mention the steps you are taking to overcome the weakness.

10 Q: How would your co-workers describe you?

A: The interviewer is interested in knowing more about your personality traits. Mention the traits which your co workers often mention about you during your job. Be confident while answering and do not mention anything which is untrue.

11 Q:. Why do you think good customer service is required from a front office executive?

A: A front office executive is responsible for interacting with the clients and customers of the company. A front office executive is often considered as the face of the company. So, good customer service is expected from a front office executive. Say about how you will provide good customer service to the clients of the organization. Be confident while answering this question.

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Customer Care Executive Interview Questions and Answers

A customer care executive is a medium between the customer and the organization. Customer care executives are employed in different types of companies to be a direct point of contact with customers. Customer Care Executive Interview is often considered as an easy interview. But many candidates fail to answer even easy questions properly. It is important to prepare with the most frequently asked questions in a customer care executive interview. Some of the most frequently asked customer care executive interview questions and answers are given below. However, you should be prepared with other questions as well.

1 Q: Why did you apply for this job?

A: To answer this question, you need to have the knowledge about the company and the job description. You have to convince the interviewer about your intentions of joining the job. Also relate to your qualifications and abilities which match with their requirements.

2 Q: What does good customer service mean to you?

A: Good customer service means that the customer ends the conversation satisfied with the service of a customer care executive. The matter or the problem should be resolved by the customer care executive without escalating to senior managers.

3 Q:. How will you handle negative feedback from a customer?

A: Negative feedback from a customer should always be handled in a warm and professional manner. Take the negative feedback in a positive way. It is also essential to know the areas where improvement is required and customers are the best persons to highlight negative issues.

4 Q: Will you be able to deal with a difficult customer?

A: Your answer should be always in a yes. Dealing with a difficult customer is a challenging task and you should always show your interest in accepting challenges. Listening to the customer’s problem is essential. Debating with a customer is of no use. You have to work out a solution to satisfy the customer. Controlling the situation is of prime importance as well as retaining the customer.

5 Q:. Do you have the skills which are required for a customer care executive?

A: Mention the skills you have which relate to this position. The skills required for a customer care executive include communication skills, listening skills, patience and problem solving skills. Give examples where you have shown this skills and how you are suitable for this job.

6 Q:. What do you know about this company?

A: A basic answer is expected from this question. Read about the company on its website, news articles and social websites. Giving some real information about the company to the interviewer creates a good impression of you. It also shows that you are really interested in the job.

7 Q:. How will you convey to your customer when you are not able to perform his service request?

A: In such a situation, you should politely convey about the inability to perform the situation. Describe why you were unable to process his request and end the conversation politely. The customer should be properly explained why his request could not be processed. You can use words like apologized, empathized etc. in your answer.

8 Q:. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A: It is always easy to answer about your strengths but weaknesses should be answered in such a way that does not make you unfit for the job you are interviewing for. It is also important to make it clear what you are doing to address that weakness. The strengths which you mention should also relate to the job.

9 Q:. What is your greatest success till date?

A: The interviewer here wants to see what you have done till now and whether you will be able to bring success for the company as well. Whatever you say about your success, you should always keep the answer short or you will be thought of a very proud person.

10 Q: How do you keep yourself motivated?

A: A customer care executive job can be monotonous at times. Here the interviewer wants to find out what steps you take to keep your motivated. If you do not do anything to keep yourself motivated your efficiency level will go down. Mention your ways of keeping yourself motivated.

11 Q:. What will you do if your co-worker is rude to customers?

A: If the co worker is new, you should advise him or her to behave in a professional way or you can also inform your reporting authority about such a situation. However, in such cases, it also depends whether the co worker has been working for many years then it is difficult to point his mistakes. Moreover, the structure of the organization also has an effect on how the matter can be reported.

12 Q: What are your goals?

A: For this position its better to talk about short term goals rather than long term goals. Your short term goal should not be about a position like you want to be a team leader or customer support manager. It is better to avoid such answers. Talk about some generic goals.

13 Q: How long do you expect to be with our company?

A: Its better to avoid answers like ‘as long as I can’ or ‘depends’. The interviewers are not expecting such kind of answers. Interviewers want employees who will stay with the company for long term. They want to hear answer like permanent, many years etc.

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Back Office Executive Interview Questions and Answers

Generally a back office executive deals with phone calls and data entry. Other tasks can include helping the manager in his work and keeping track of office supplies etc. Back office executive have the role of keeping the office organized. Back office executives are needed in healthcare, market research, sales and marketing, banking, insurance etc. After gaining experience for about three to five years they are promoted to supervisors, team leaders, managers etc. Use the below mentioned questions and answers for your preparation. However, you should also be ready for some unexpected questions during the interview as well.

1 Q: Tell me about yourself.

A: This is the most common question asked by interviewers. Highlight about your qualifications and jobs you were in which relate to the position you are interviewing for. You should prepare this answer beforehand but while saying it should not sound as rehearsed. Keep the answer brief and to the point. The answer should be limited to one or two minutes of information.

2 Q: What are your reasons for joining this organization?

A: Answer this question with sincerity and honesty. You can relate to your career goals how working in this organization will add knowledge to your learning and will be helpful for building your career. You can also talk about the success and reputation of the organization. It is better to research about the organization before the interview.

3 Q:. What are you looking for in a job?

A: Whatever you say, it should be something general. You might be looking for good work environment, colleagues and work. Never mention about money for such a question. It is obvious that you are doing a job to earn money.

4 Q: Do your skills match for a back office executive position?

A: Describe what skills you possess and relate to the skills required in the job. Do not lie about your skills for example, if you say you have good communication skills when you don’t have, the interviewer will notice your skills during the interview.

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5 Q:. Do you think you are overqualified for this position?

A: Even if you are overqualified, you should never mention this fact. You can very well state that you are well qualified for this job.

6 Q:. According to you, what are the key skills required for a back office executive position?

A: The skills required for a back office executive position are communication, analytical and organizational skills. All three skills are important for efficiently carrying the role of a back office executive. Give examples where you have shown such skills in your previous job.

7 Q:. Are you aware of the responsibilities of a back office executive?

A: Before appearing for the interview you have to be clear with the responsibilities of a back office executive. A back office executive provides support to the management of the organization. The work of the front office employees is supported by the back office employees. Documentation and data management are also the responsibilities of a back office executive. You should read properly the job description of a back office executive for giving a better answer.

8 Q:. How do you handle a heavy workload?

A: In the job world, there are times where stressful situations occur. It is better to always adjust and do your work under such a stressful situation. Describe the ways how you will prioritize your work to make the situation less stressful. Provide some past experiences from your job where you have handled such a situation intelligently.

9 Q:. Will you be willing to work overtime?

A: You have to be completely honest while giving this answer. If you are not willing to work overtime, it is better to say the truth and avoid future problems. Do not lie just to get the job. You can also mention that you will work efficiently so as to complete your work within office hours.

10 Q: Do you think communication skills are necessary to work successfully as back office executive?

A: Communication skill is required as a back office executive is required to interact with many employees so as to provide the required support. Without proper communication, required support cannot be provided by the executive.

11 Q:. Where do you see yourself after five years?

A: The reason why an interviewer is asking you this question is whether you are serious about this position and you have a goal in your mind. Its better not to name the position you see yourself after five years. You can say that you are looking to make a long term commitment in your next position. Opportunities will open up based on your work performance in future.

12 Q: Who is the most difficult part of being a back office executive?

A: Here instead of saying difficult, answer the question as a challenging one. Describe how you will cope up with the challenges and also about your skills and abilities. Never mention your weakness as an answer to the question. You should answer in a positive way.

13 Q: What are your goals?

A: You should always have career and personal goals in life or else the interviewer will find you as an aimless person. Describe your career and personal goals in life including how you will achieve and how much time you are allotting for their accomplishment. Also mention why such goals are important for you. Make the answer short not exceeding more than two minutes of your talking.

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Accounts Executive Interview Questions and Answers

Interviewers frequently ask some common questions in an accounts executive interview. So it is important to be prepared with answers to some of the questions. Below you will find some interview questions with answers that are generally asked for an accounts executive job. Make yourself ready and confident for your interview.

Q: What made you apply for an accounts executive job?

A: You should say that this job matches with your skills and abilities and it’s the area where you have studied in and see a future in this job. This job will also enhance your professional experience.

You can also add that the job description suits your knowledge and skill and you will be able to add value to the responsibilities mentioned in the job description.

Q: Tell me what do you know about this job position.

A: To answer this question, you should read properly the job description provided by the company in the advertisement. A description of the duties to be performed regarding the accounts executive position and mentioning the skills you possess to fulfill the requirements of the position is what you have to say.

Q: What are the major tasks for an account executive?

A: For answering this question, you have to be clear with the job description. Your answer should be specific and to the point. You need to outline the major tasks you have to undertake as an accounts executive. Different companies have different tasks for an accounts executive. It is better to give an answer based on the job description.

Q: What qualifications do you have that relate to this position?

A: This is a critical question for a fresher. You only have academic qualification and have no experience as an accounts executive. Be honest in your answer. Academic Qualification from a recognized and reputed University is not that important for an accounts executive. Being a fresher, you can add your skills and interest apart from your academic qualification in your answer.

Q: What are your weaknesses?

A: The weaknesses that you mention here should not affect how you fit for this accounts executive position. An honest assessment of your weaknesses should be done before appearing for your interview. Your answer should include only work related and not anything related to personal weakness. While saying about your weaknesses, it is important to mention what you are doing to overcome your weakness.

Q. What is your greatest weakness?

A: This question is the most difficult and a potential question for interviewers. You should never say something which will make you unfit for the job. For example, calculation mistakes are a wrong weakness for accounting jobs. The weakness should be either an irrelevant weakness or a weakness can be shown as a strength by working on it. Whatever weakness you say, it should not be a criteria for your rejection for the position. Lastly, the most important thing to remember is that the weakness should be a true weakness and you should not lie about it.

Q. Tell me what you know about this organization.

A: Before appearing for your interview, have thorough knowledge about the organization. Your level of knowledge about the organization is what is judged by the interviewer’s. Check out the organization’s website, annual reports, newspaper articles, press releases etc. You should give a confident answer showing the interviewer that you have interest in the organization where you want to work.

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