Job Interview Form

Job interview form

1. Candidate info:

• Candidate name:
• Sex:
• Birth of date:
• Apply to position:
• Date of interview:
• Interviewers:

2. Rating scales:

• Poor
• Fair
• Average
• Good
• Superior

3. Appraisal factors:

• APPEARANCE: Bearing and poise, neatness, physical fitness, dress mannerisms


• EXPERIENCE Specific to the position being considered for

• KNOWLEDGE Of the product or field

• PERSONALITY Mature, sincere, courteous, likeable, enthusiastic, self-confident, introvert/ extrovert, loner/ team worker, at ease and friendly, ability to pick up the ball and carry it

• ABILITY TO EXPRESS SELF: Clear and pleasing voice, expresses himself forcefully and clearly, uses hands, face and voice to add meaning to what he says

• MENTAL ABILITY: Alertness, logic, perception, judgement, organization of thoughts, comprehends what you are trying to say, asks good questions, he structures answers to your questions

• LEADERSHIP: Ambition, high energy level, initiative, decisiveness, record of accomplishment, plans for the future and has objectives, self – reliant

• INTERESTS: Has breath of curiosity and information, good general knowledge, technical knowledge of a general character, social cultural and political

• ATTITUDE: Willingness to learn and to work, co- operation, positive outlook on life, enthusiastic about his future, regard for former employers.

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