Tips for Employees Attitude Issues

Tips for Employees Attitude Issues

Employee attitude is a major issue to pay concern in almost every organization. The fact is nobody is every perfect and everyone has the right to make mistakes and so does employees. They cannot remain in a same ‘happy to go lucky’ mood every day. He may not be bad or wrong, but situations might force him to react in such a way. You being the HR must be able to understand such situations and react in the most sensible manner.

Here are a few tips to help you react in the most appropriate manner at times when an employee throw tantrums or misbehaves.

1. Adopt one to one interaction session for a comforting personal approach.

2. Try to get to the core of the problem. Avoid interactions with others and help them cope up with their problem.

3. Keep an eye on the employee. Follow him in the office. Keep track of how he interacts with others an take feedback from his friends.

4. Give out questionnaires to employees upon joining that will help you analyze their positive/negative attitude towards the company or any department in specific.

5. Division of the support group is important. Coordinate with the CSR and IR members to come up with better plans to deal with employee attitude issue.

6. Consider every possible aspect to help you understand the basic underlying issue.

7. Conduct perspective building training programme once in a while to help employees understand the concept of teamwork and create a good working environment.

8. Understand the problem and prepare a database based on the key influencers and trouble creators in the organization.

9. Try to build a professional attitude and a very good and calm work culture. Make sure that employees do not mix their personal lives with professional outlook.

10. Make them understand the work culture/ethics of your company. Use training, treatment or therapy to handle the hard nuts.

11. Conduct programs where every individual help every other individual understand why he reacts in a particular way. This way work relationships get stronger.

12. As a last resort, if you feel that a certain employee’s attitude have reached rock bottom, terminate him on the basis of his misconduct or behavior.