Pf Withdrawal Form

I Have Attached Pf Withdrawal Form

Application for withdrawal-(Self employed/not employed for a period of

not less then 60 days from the date of  leaving

(To be applied 2 months after the date of leaving)


The Trustees,





Dear Sirs,


Sub: Application for PF Withdrawal


This is to bring to your notice that I joined the services of the company on __________

and I was relieved from the services from the services of  (name of company) with effect from ______________ . I have not been employed anywhere since then/I have been self employed and hence request you to settle the PF dues lying to my credit as on date as per the Trust rules.


The relevant Form 16s for the total period of service at (company name) are enclosed.


Thanking you,


Yours sincerely,




(Signature of the Employee)________________



Emp #:_________








Encl: Form 16s: for the Financial Years:__________,__________,__________




Note: 1. Please mention your correct address for correspondence.

2. Your PF account will not be settled unless we receive the necessary documents.

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