Letter to Bank for Converting Single Account into Joint Account Holder

Example of Request Letter Format to Bank Manager of SBI ( You can replace the name of bank as per your request) for Inclusion of Wife as Joint Account Holder.


Ajay Dharwal

13/1 Nehru Road





The Manager

State Bank of India

Vilas Road

Cristal Point Branch



Dear Sir,


Sub:    Request for inclusion of Mr.___________ as Joint Account Holder

Ref:     SB A/c No. _________________


This is in reference to my above referred SB A/c with you. I have an account at your bank under my name and now wish to include my (Daughter / Son/ Wife) Ms. / Mr. / Mrs. _____________ as Joint Account Holder on survivor basis.

I, therefore request to include him/her as joint account holder to my SB A/c. Henceforth, the account will be operated by either of the Account holders.

Thanking you,


Yours faithfully


Ajay Dharwal


Encl:  Address & ID proof.


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