HR Tips to Motivate Employees in Small Businesses

Effective HR Tips to Motivate Employees in Small Businesses


Employee motivation is the crux that keeps human resource engaged. The HR department has a huge role to play in this regard. The bottom line is better input results in better output. If your business or startup is small, building a creative yet competitive environment can be very tough. It might be because larger firms spend more on incentives and team-building which automatically lead to better involvement. On the other hand small start ups cannot afford to do so. What is required of these businesses is to come up with creative motivational skills of the HR team to gain output with minimal input.

Below are 6 tips to help HR motivate employees in small startups:

Explain what you expect: Right from the recruitment stage brief employers of your expectations. Make them familiar with their job profile and the areas they are expected of help and involvement. Share your business goals and motto and your dream project. Make them feel involved and discuss issue as partners rather than employees. This way your business your business will reach a different height in very less time.

Be flexible with timings: Get out of the conventional 9-to-5 workday. What is it that you require at the end of the day is your work to be done before deadline. Make employees understand this demand and let them work on their sweet time. This way they do not feel suffocated and you gain happier and more productive employees. Make them understand that you care for them and will always work for their support.

Build team spirit: Let your employees help one another. This way they will create a strong bond between them which will positively affect your production. Promote creativity and a competitive environment within your environment. You will get batches of motivated employees.

Have reward for target achievers: Set a standard and reward those who achieve it. This way they become all the more motivated and work with better zeal. Reward those who work very hard for your company. Small gestures like a fancy buffet or a holiday matters a lot.

Keeping poking: Show your employees that you are interested in their problems and will work out in every possible way to solve both their professional and personal issues. Be approachable and create a healthy communication bridge. Hold tea parties or monthly get together to discuss issue that is bothering them. Follow this routine and check out the transformative effect by yourself.

Bring out your potentialities in front of your employees: This way your employees will have a keen respect for you. Be the master of all trades and an inspiration for the rest. They will want to be you and in the process your high frequency of self-assuredness will do the trick.