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Comprehensive Guide for Manager to Effectively Motivate Employees

It is the duty of the manager to motivate his employees. Motivation is extremely important to make your employees aim higher and work harder. Without motivation, no organization and no employee can improve.  Therefore, managers should know what motivates their employees and serve them the same thing to get better performance.  For some money is the motivation and for some recognition is. Some enjoy new challenges and competition while some are contented with their work. It is very much subjective to a candidate what motivates him.

Understanding the Motivational Issues

Sometimes people fail to act, not because they are not motivated but because they have other issues which make it difficult for them to accomplish what they can. Here are some situations:

  • Time Management Issue: Some people lack the ability to use their time and as a result they are unable to perform even when they are motivated.
  • Procrastination Issue: Some people delay things not because they are not motivated but because they have some fear or they lack confidence.
  • Issues with Approach: Some people have a typical that they cannot do a particular job or they should have done that job. They are somehow stuck with the past.
  • Issues with Thinking Pattern: Some people think differently. They jump to conclusions, mislabel, magnify or minimize problems. They can do things but they are unable to.

A Guide to Motivation

We have come up with few motivating techniques that will help you and your organization grow.

Motivate Them to Be More Productive

Almost all the companies use rewards and competition to motivate their employees to be more productive but this kind of approach loses its luster with time. Here are a few tips to help:

  • Know various kinds of rewards:

Big and unexpected rewards are used seldom but motivate employees very well.  Scheduled rewards are very much expected and regular rewards that are easy to attain for anyone in the company. Rewards depending upon everyday work of employees. Companies have to use mix of these rewards to motivate the employees.

  • Maintain transparent work culture

Not all companies are comfortable with this idea but maintaining transparency in company actually helps in motivating employees. This helps them trust their company better and work harder to be a stronger part of it.

  • Encourage loyalty

It is not easy to find employees who are loyal to companies. So focus on this attribute which every company desires for.

  • Profit sharing with employees

This is another kind of reward. Employees feel motivated because increased productivity reflects in their income as well. They are motivated to work continuously to give better results as each and every attempt that they make brings about a change in their overall earnings.

  • Reward them for their hard work

It is important to reward employees for their hard work. When they get bonus for their extra commitment and new leads, they feel motivated to work harder. It is for the managers to see that each one gets paid for the hard work in the reward system.

  • Excessive pressure hampers performance

If in the name of motivation, you end up putting extra pressure on your employees then it is quite damaging. It actually turns out to be the biggest demotivator for them. It is nothing but bad management skills that end up putting their employees under unnecessary performance because of which they fail to deliver even their regular performance. Be justified with what you ask your employees for.

Motivate Them to be More Creative

Make your employees more innovative, encourage them to think differently. Here are the tricks that are of great help:

  • Allow Them To Have A Little Fun: If you want them to be creative, you have to allow them to have some fun. Creativity flourishes in an easy and fun-filled setting.
  • Let Them Have Freedom to Think: Let your employees have their own ideas put into action, learn from their mistakes and enjoy their success.

Motivate Them to Work In Synergy

Companies have to strike the right balance between having their customers work together but not against each other. Managers have to be smart with using their motivational tactics to motivate their employees effectively so that team dynamics don’t get affected and also that employees don’t care about competition.

  • Don’t let competition damage teamwork

Companies have various teams and managers must check that outputs of these teams don’t get hampered because of competition. Synchronization between the both is a must.

  • Fair competition is healthy competition

The spirit of the competition has to be positive. Don’t let any kind of negative behavior surface during the competition or else it will again act as a demotivator.

  • Check on gossips

Managers must make sure that any kind of practices like gossiping and backstabbing don’t surface in the company. They have long lasting damages.

This is a complete guide to help managers motivate their employees in the right way.

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HR Tips to Motivate Employees in Small Businesses

Effective HR Tips to Motivate Employees in Small Businesses


Employee motivation is the crux that keeps human resource engaged. The HR department has a huge role to play in this regard. The bottom line is better input results in better output. If your business or startup is small, building a creative yet competitive environment can be very tough. It might be because larger firms spend more on incentives and team-building which automatically lead to better involvement. On the other hand small start ups cannot afford to do so. What is required of these businesses is to come up with creative motivational skills of the HR team to gain output with minimal input.

Below are 6 tips to help HR motivate employees in small startups:

Explain what you expect: Right from the recruitment stage brief employers of your expectations. Make them familiar with their job profile and the areas they are expected of help and involvement. Share your business goals and motto and your dream project. Make them feel involved and discuss issue as partners rather than employees. This way your business your business will reach a different height in very less time.

Be flexible with timings: Get out of the conventional 9-to-5 workday. What is it that you require at the end of the day is your work to be done before deadline. Make employees understand this demand and let them work on their sweet time. This way they do not feel suffocated and you gain happier and more productive employees. Make them understand that you care for them and will always work for their support.

Build team spirit: Let your employees help one another. This way they will create a strong bond between them which will positively affect your production. Promote creativity and a competitive environment within your environment. You will get batches of motivated employees.

Have reward for target achievers: Set a standard and reward those who achieve it. This way they become all the more motivated and work with better zeal. Reward those who work very hard for your company. Small gestures like a fancy buffet or a holiday matters a lot.

Keeping poking: Show your employees that you are interested in their problems and will work out in every possible way to solve both their professional and personal issues. Be approachable and create a healthy communication bridge. Hold tea parties or monthly get together to discuss issue that is bothering them. Follow this routine and check out the transformative effect by yourself.

Bring out your potentialities in front of your employees: This way your employees will have a keen respect for you. Be the master of all trades and an inspiration for the rest. They will want to be you and in the process your high frequency of self-assuredness will do the trick.

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