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6 ways to Eliminate Unqualified Candidates

6 ways to eliminate unqualified candidates in recruitment/selection

After posting your recruitment ads online, your email box will soon be abundant with CVs and application files. There must be many among those that are not suitable to the recruitment, but the question is, How to select out the good out of hundreds of application files?

You don’t need to spend your precious time considering hundreds of application forms. There are some tips that may help you choose excellent candidates quickly and effectively.

1. Files with many spelling and grammar mistakes:

This may mean that the candidate is careless and doesn’t pay much attention to the detail. Both of them show that the candidate is not “serious” enough or “lazy” which is not a standard expected in a potential candidate.

2. The candidate changes job very often:

As for such ones that change jobs very often, you should just eliminate their names out of consideration list. If an employee changed jobs more than once per year, he will be able to leave your company for another higher salary job in the future or he may not performed as well as in the previous job.

3. Candidates with several job changes:

As for such people, you don’t need to be “afraid” of them as one employee may change his job at least 3 times on average in his whole life. Therefore, these people are not problems. The question is that the ones to be selected must are ones who wish for knowledge, development and experience.

4. Candidates with no particular achievement

One candidate just listed their previous works before but not the achievements they have made or they have no such achievement. You need to know which jobs the candidate has done before and his/her achievement in that job. Remember that outstanding success in the past is the promotion to the success in the future.

5. Don’t be bluffed by Technical terms

Many candidates think they may bluff the employer by many buzzwords. If in a CV, the applicant has listed many technical terms, you shall need an expert to evaluate that CV but not let the candidate play “solo”.

6. List of important skills to be required for the recruitment

This is the list of skills and experiences to be required for the recruitment, in which, requirements are listed in order of importance. For example, if you require a Bachelor Degree at the beginning of the list, you will only need to pay attention to such candidates having such Degree and ignore the others. Don’t waste your time reading an Application file that is not suitable to the basic requirements.

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