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Human Resource Development Department Policy on Two Wheeler

I have attached Human Resource Development Department sample policy on two wheeler for a company.







HRD/HRP/002                                                                     01/08/2006



  1. 1.     Objective


To administer and provide guidelines to employees on purchase of two wheelers.


  1. 2.     Scope and coverage


All employees i.e. probationers and permanent nature and also the employees at branches are covered under this policy, as detailed below:


a)     All employees in the grade M* and above are eligible to apply for two wheeler.

  1. 3.     Applicability


This policy will apply to the existing employees and employees who may be joining or elevated in the above grades / levels, in future.


  1. 4.      Eligibility





Vehicle Model



Other than Mumbai


M* and M1 Hero Honda Splendour+




M2 and M3 Hero Honda Splendour+




Registration charges at Mumbai is 3 times more than any other locations when vehicles registered in company’s name.


* The eligibility prescribed above, is inclusive of all charges viz., vehicle cost, registration charges, road tax, Insurance, etc.   Extra fittings, if any, have to be borne by the employee only.


  1. 5.     Procedure


a)     The eligible employees can submit the proforma invoice along with requisition, the model, pamphlets/ brochure to Corporate HRD Department.  HR Department shall initiate and process the same in line with the policy.


b)     100% Payment of the total value of the vehicle shall be made by the Company in the name of Dealer only, payable at the respective locations to take possession of the vehicle including the registration charges, road tax payable, insurance applicable, etc.




c)     Employees contribution


(i)     M* and M1 Grade:  The cost of 38% of the vehicle has to be borne by the employee, which shall be deducted from his salary / wage in 60 EMIs.


(ii)    M2 & M3 Grade: No contribution from the employee


d)     An employee can opt for any other model two-wheeler, which may be higher than the maximum eligibility as per the clause 4 above.  In which case, he shall mobilize the extra money from his own source.


e)     In case of employee choosing higher model vehicle, consequential difference in registration charges, tax, insurance, etc. also to be borne by the employee.


f)       The vehicle shall be registered in the name of company initially and be transferred to the employee on completion of five years.  The registration charges, for transferring the vehicle shall be borne by the employee only.


d) The Original RC book, Insurance policy and other credentials shall be with the company and the same can be referred to, in case of any requirement.

g)     In case of employee leaving the company before the block period of 5 years, cost of vehicle to be paid by the employee shall be computed as below:


(i)     M* and M1 Grade:  Full value (value means basic price, regn. charges, insurance, etc.)  of the vehicle at the time of purchase (excluding contribution from the employee at the time of purchase, if any).

(ii)   M2 and M3 Grades




Age of vehicle (from date of purchase)

Buy back value (by the employee)


> 4 years and < 5 years

20% of the original value


> 3 Years and < 4 Years

30% of the original value


> 2 Years and < 3 Years

50% of the original value


> 1 Year and < 2 Years

80% of the original value


< year

100% of the original value


h)     Value of the vehicle will be computed as detailed above. The value so computed at the time of leaving has to be paid by the employee.  Employees have no option to surrender the vehicle to the company.


i)        For the purpose of calculating the years, only the completed years will be taken into account (For ex. if an employee leaves the organization after putting 2 years & 9 months service, only 2 years will be taken into account).





j)       The employee will have to sign an undertaking with reference to the above.


k)      Periodical service and maintenance charges in the first year and subsequent years, insurance premium from second year onwards, shall be borne by the employee only.  Company may at its interest arrange for insurance and deduct the same from the salary of the employee’s concerned.


l)        At the beginning of the 6th year i.e. on completion of the 5th year, he will be eligible to apply for a new vehicle under this scheme.


m)    If any employee is elevated to the next level i.e. from M1 to M2 grade, he will fall in line with the procedure as per clause 5 (c) (ii).  Hence he will not be required to pay further EMIs.


n)     If an employee is elevated from M3 to M4, he will be allowed to apply for the vehicle which he is eligible for, as per his grade, provided he purchased the two-wheeler as per clause 5 g (ii) above.


  • o)     Once the vehicle is allotted, the employee will use the same for all his official purpose and he will not be allowed to use any other vehicle.


p)      In case of transfer to any other location, the actual charges incurred (levied by railway authorities) shall be reimbursed to the employee by submitting relevant bills and vouchers.


q)      Income Tax liability on account of having the vehicle, if any shall be borne by the employee.


  1. 6.     Review and amendment


Management shall review this policy periodically and amendments required, if any shall be made accordingly.


  1. 7.     Residual Power


This policy is a gesture of goodwill and the management reserves the right to withdraw the policy at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever.


  1. 8.     Effective

The scheme shall be effectively with effect from 1st August 2006





Head-HR                                            Head – Finance                                       CMD






Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd





          Date : ______________


To: Head – HR

Corporate Office






Name :                                                          Emp.No


Designation:                                                   DOJ     :


Grade:                                                           Location:







Sub: Request for Two-wheeler



As per our company policy, I would like to apply for availing a two wheeler. Enclosed please find proforma invoice and other relevant details of the vehicle, which I intend purchasing.


I request you to kindly process the same and arrange / facilitate purchasing the vehicle as per policy.


I also send herewith an agreement duly signed for this purpose.




(                                   )



Encl:  Proforma Invoice




(To be executed on Rs.20/- bond paper)



I, ___________________________ S/o ________________________ presently residing at _______________________________________________________ ___________________________________ have applied for two wheeler loan as per the company’s two wheeler loan scheme currently in vogue.  I also hereby state that I shall abide by the rules and procedures laid down as per the policy, and agree to the terms conditions as detailed below:


  • I will be in the employment for a minimum period of 5 years from the date of purchase of the vehicle


  • I hereby authorize the company to deduct the EMIs, if any from my salary as per company’s two wheeler policy.


  • In case of my leaving the organization within the stipulated period (as above), I agree to repay the full cost of the vehicle and forego the amount paid towards the dues till such time of leaving.


  • I agree that the two-wheeler shall be registered in the name of company initially and will be transferred in my name after completion of 5 years period.


  • The company shall pay for comprehensive insurance of the vehicle, tax, etc. only at the time of purchase.


  • I also hereby agree to take care of periodical maintenance and subsequent insurance and bear the expenses thereto.


  • I shall agree to claim the petrol expenses as per the current practice i.e.



Age of Vehicle

Rate / K.m.


Upto 2 Years



> 2Years < 3 Yrs



> 3 yrs < 4yrs



> 4 Yrs < 5 Yrs



Own vehicle after 5 yrs completion





Signature of Employee                                                       Johnson Lifts Pvt. Ltd

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