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Telephone Interview Format

Check the below format for Telephonic interview.


Telephonic Interview assessment
Candidate: ___________________________
Ph. No:________________________
Total Exp:______________
Designation: ______________
Give a brief description about yourself
Tell me about your experience with your present job.
Why are you considering leaving your current employer?
How much do you know about our organization?
What is your current salary? What are your salary expectations?
How many cold calls do you make per day?
What has been your most successful method of prospecting? Why?
Could you give me an example of a time in which you were effective in dealing with the constant emergencies and surprises in your work environment?
How do you define success? And how do you measure up to your own definition?
How do you close/finish a sale/project? How long is your average close?
Why should we appoint you?Are you willing to relocate or Travel?

Can we call him/her for personal Interview at our Head office? Yes/No

Interviewer: __________________________________________________ ______


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