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Sample Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy

I have attached Sample Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy.



The objective of this policy is to facilitate the Employees in their jobs by increasing communication within the organization and especially with the customers and to prevent them from the hassle of purchasing Sim Cards / Hand Sets.


This policy has been introduced to:

v     define clearly who is entitled to a cell phone and how the costs of purchasing the asset plus ancillary equipment, and the rental and call costs will be met.

v     streamline statement administration and payment, and the reimbursement of the costs of business calls.


v     Employees at the level of executive of special duties and Managers.

v     Employees who by virtue of their function have a constant need to be in contact with other employees and to attend external customers or office work through mobile phone.

When Sim + mobile allotted to employee


Reimbursement rules

Company is entitled to pay monthly rental charges + taxes + call charges up to a limit as per the grades & perks.

  • Bill amount exceeding other than official calls should be recovered by the employees.
  • Expenses in excess of approve limits can be reimbursed only on approval from their immediate reporting authority.
  • At top management levels reimbursement can be direct and full.

Mode of Reimbursement

  • Direct payment by the company to the service provider.
  • Monthly reimbursement to employee on presentation of detailed bills.
  • Excess amount of bills other than official calls can be charged by employee in cash/ cheque of debited to their salary.
  • Prepaid card of some limits defined as per grades can be given + lifetime free incoming calls.

Safety rules

  • Handset should be insured.
  • In case of handset damaged / lost (non – insured) cost should be recovered from the employees.

Operative Guidelines

  • Where providing of such facility is warranted, formal approval will be sought.
  • Asset purchased form duly signed by HR head.
  • Cell Phone authorization letter needs to be filled.
  • Cost of mobile should be within entitlement.
  • Replacement of handset by existing employees can be done after expiry of…………..period.
  • Employees are liable for safety of the phone.
  • In case of employee separation from company, sim + set to be surrendered to the company by employee.
  • Full and final settlement of employee will be put on hold until the sim & set is not surrendered.


  • Easy accessibility to all employees.
  • Employee benefit – reducing effort of buying sim +set.
  • Company can save the cost by purchasing the same corporate plan and set for all employees.
  • Employees will get a connection at low cost.
  • Free group calling

    When only sim is allotted  


  • Set cost is saved.
  • Selling of used phone and purchasing of new phones transactions are not needed.



Sim + some % of cost of mobile in cash as per the entitlement


  • Reduction in purchasing formalities.


Increase in paper formality.

  • Support documentation leads to increase in cost (in terms of labour, stationary and efforts).
  • Employees refusal in case of used phone.


When only sim is allotted


  • Employees may not take interest in purchasing a mobile set.


Sim + some % of cost of mobile in cash as per the entitlement


  • Increase in feeling in inequality in employees


No Sim, No mobile from Company


  • Company can contact to the service provider for employees facility.
  • Company can pay first time installation charges.
  • Service provider will intimate officially to the company about the number being allotted to an employee.
  • All the formalities related to support document will be done by the company only.
  • Employees will contact directly or company can act as initial link between the service provider and the employees (like in case of salary account)


Reimbursement rules

  • Reimbursement can be done upto a limit as per the entitlement after presentation of detailed bills.
  • For top management, bills can be reimbursed fully.



  • All the documentation will be done through service provider leads to reducing the cost and saving of time, which can be used in some other important work of the company.
  • Reduce filing and recording work.
  • Saving of sim and set cost.
  • No need to employees to surrender the no. or set on parting from the services.
  • Employees will get low rate of calling.
  • Company will get benefits in terms of free calling between the group.
  • Handset insurance formalities will also not require, leading to saving of cost.


The total expenses on mobile phone claim can not exceed the limits as given below:

  1. Top management: upto Rs. ………/- per month (full reimbursement).
  2. Sr. Mgr and Mangers : upto Rs ……………/-Per Month.
  3. Executives upto Rs…………./-Per Month.


Cost / Value of Mobile at different levels:

Category 1

Top management                                              :           – Actual Payment.

– Fixed amount range between (Rs. X – Y).

Category 2

Senior Manager to Manager                             :          Between Rs. X – Y.


Category 3

Senior Executives to Executives                        :           Between Rs. X – Y.



Mobile / Blackberry / Data card Request Form


Name _________________________________ Emp. Code: _____________________

Designation ________________________Location ____________________________

Department: _______________________Date: _______________________________


I have read the policy on Mobile Connection for Employees and I shall abide myself to policy. Please issue me an activated SIM with following requirements.


STD REQUIRED:                  YES / NO

ISD REQUIRED:                   YES / NO






      Employee’s Signature: _____________________



Approved by HOD                                                                 Approved by HR & Admin                    




(Approval for General Manager and above would not be required)




Handset Model & cost:                                                  Serial No.

Data Card No.                                                             Date of Issuance:

Handset No.                                                                 Mobile Connection Number

            Signature of Admin Incharge



I have received the Mobile Connection No._______________ and Handset bearing no. (if applicable)___________. I hereby declare that I will be responsible and accountable for the safety of the Mobile handset alongwith activated connection, and in the case of loss/theft/damage, I will report immediately to Administration and shall pay the due amount to the Company. I also declare that this Mobile connection issued to me will be used by me only.


Employee’s signature: _______________________    Date: ______________________


Copies of this form to be forwarded by Administration Incharge to:

1) Finance & Accounts,

2) Purchase,

3) HR (Personal file)


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