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Forms Under Apprentice Act – 1961 In Excel Format

I have attached required forms under Apprentice Act – 1961 for your ready reference in Excel Format.

Appendix 3

Focus Group Discussion Guideline

Identifying Job Relevant Competencies



FGD technique is used to identify job relevant competencies for a particular position/job/job family.



3 – 5 persons representing a particular function/job family.



90 – 120 minutes



1. Introduction and Explanation

§         Introduce yourself and group members; this step is taken to set  the tone of the discussion. Explain the purpose of FGD and put the FGD process in the context of overall competency project. Also, explain the rules of FGD.


2. Discussion

§         Conduct discussion by first reviewing the primary tasks and responsibilities of the job to be analyzed. Combining with the list of some logical competencies we gather during desk study, this review process might provide us with further insights about types of competencies that should be included.

§         Discuss/interview each key areas of tasks/responsibilities of the job; and ask what are the critical behaviors, knowledge and personal attributes for each tasks. The examples of these critical elements will be used to provide indications of competencies.

§         To organize the discussion/interview process, we may focus on three main categories of competency for each of the job/role:

o        Managerial

o        Technical

o        Personal attributes

§         Organize the list of critical behaviors based on similarities and patterns; and identify predominant competency reflected on that list

§         The following are suggested questions when we conduct discussion:

o        Regarding the Job:

§         What are general responsibilities and tasks of the job?

§         Are there any types of tasks that should be prioritized?

§         Which responsibilities/tasks take up most of the time during the week?

o        Regarding the Person:

§         What kind of work attitude that an individual should perform in this job?

§         What kind of specific knowledge/technical expertise that an individual should posses in this job?

Pointers on Technique

  • The facilitator is the key to the focus group discussion. The facilitator must direct the discussion without being a part of it. She/he must have excellent communication skills. The facilitator must be able to create a relaxed, informal atmosphere where people feel free to express their opinions. The facilitator should never express his or her own opinions or make judgments on the opinions of the participants.
  • The facilitator should ask a series of open-ended questions from general to specific. The questions should get in the way of the participants expressing their opinions, experiences, and suggestions. The facilitator should allow the discussion to lead in new directions as long as the topics pertain to the subject of the focus group interview.
  • All members of the group should be encouraged to participate. One person should not be allowed to dominate the discussion. Some focus groups have participants write their ideas down without consulting others before discussion starts. This eliminates bias and brings out many different viewpoints.
  • The session should be tape recorded and transcribed after the meeting. Some focus group interviews are conducted with someone taking notes during the meeting. This sometimes inhibits the discussion. The facilitator may make some brief notes as long as they do not protrude into the discussion.

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