Read body language to Evaluate the Candidate

Read body language to evaluate the candidate in recruitment & selection :

During the interview, in addition to the prepared questions, it is necessary for the employer to observe any behavior of the candidate contributing to the overall evaluation as body language is also a factor showing the candidate’s ability.

How to observe a candidate’s behavior?

Pay attention to the candidate’s behavior when he/she is talking; consider whether his sayings are in line with his behaviors or not. For instance, one seems to be bowing down and acts in self-defense but his saying is that he is good to everyone…

Especially, you must look at the candidate’s eyes and communicate through the eyes, though, to see if there is any difference in his or her looking at you, for example, he avoids looking at you or not!

Focus on positive points

A bright smile always shows a positive point of view while a down-look normally means the candidate’s negative belief; however, this assumption is not always correct.

A confident person tends to sit straightly and lean a little bit forward, even when he is facing his able-to-be future boss. When a confident is not talking, he will sit still, not moving, with the eyes looking directly and firmly at the opposite person.

When you shake hand with a candidate, you may also sense his mental emotion. If he feels relaxed and comfortable, his hands often feel warm and dry. On the opposite, the hands shall be a little bit cold and sweat a lot, which shows a symptom of stressfulness.

Focus on sensitive behaviors

There are many sophisticated behaviors that help the employer realize the candidate’s emotion. Pay attention to the states of the candidate’s hand, leg and eyes and also, his voice as well.

For example, if an employer is recruiting a candidate to a managerial position or a position in relationship with the media, remember that one with “piercing” voice (or soprano) shall meet many difficulties attracting other’s listening and respect. However, in some cases, piercing voice only comes from the stressful candidate!

Tips for candidates

• Avoid being too nervous and absolutely no gaping. Any behavior of negative feelings shall not pass the eyes of the employer.

• Your body language may still be opposite to what you are saying

• Speaking slowly is the behavior of a calmly person. Speaking quickly may be, on the contrary, symptom of being nervous and losing control; however, the latter is also sometime behavior of enthusiasm people.

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