5 Tips to Recruit Talents

5 Tips to Recruit Talents

Which method do you usually use to recruit your talented employees?

According to many HR experts, there are some very simple principles but helping you “hunt down” suitable candidates with the least effort.

Find candidates that meet the following requirements:

1. Ability to present clearly

A skilled candidate shall know how to present his opinion clearly to the employer in addition to a good ability of expressing his point of view coherently and concisely. If you find the candidate’s answer equivocal and inconsistently, try to “force” him/her to speak up his opinion to examine whether he can express coherently or concisely or not.

2. Self-confident Manner

Self-confidence but not arrogance, that’s what requires in a potential candidate; Excellent employees need to be humble and modest; they know their strong points and are self-confident with them; they also know to be accept their weak points and always try to improve themselves.

3. Professional Behavior

Candidates who work professionally and are easy to get on well with people around should be the one to be selected. These candidates will soon get used to the new working environment.

4. Professional Dressing

A candidate needs to dress professionally to an interview as the first impression is very important to the employers. However, it is rigid to always require the candidate to wear in formal suit with a tie. The candidate who chooses to wear in conformity with the company’s culture is a serious one who really seeks the opportunity to work with the company.

5. Careful Preparation

Any candidate when going to an interview needs to prepare very careful the information about the company. As an employer, you should ask the candidate as much as well about what he or she knows about the operation and achievement of the company. Ask him why he chooses to apply in your company; if the candidate gives an equivocal answer which means he/she does not take the idea to work with your company seriously.

In addition to the five tips above, there are some questions which will help you see through and understand the true ability of the candidates:

1. “How do your colleagues often think you are?”
2. “What motivates you in work?”
3. “Can you tell us about your most interesting work experience you have ever had?”
4. “Which types of work don’t you like? How do you often do to fulfill those works?”
5. “Have you ever made a mistake that affected seriously on a project or threatened the good relationship between your company and customers? How did you fix those mistakes?”

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