What are the Different Duties That are Expected of a Personal Attendant

Personal Attendant Duties

A personal attendant is a person who is suppose to take care of the elderly and all those who need direct personal care because of some health issue or any other reason. Also known as a personal care assistant, such a person is responsible for taking complete care of the health and well being of a person. Such a profile doesn’t need any special education apart from basic education along with knowledge about basic medical care and first aid. The only thing that helps such candidates perform their job is their passion.

As mentioned above, there is no formal education that is required for this position but if a person is educated it is always more beneficial. If you are planning to apply for the job of personal attendant then you must be aware about different duties that you will be expected to perform. Here is a list of all those duties which you will have to perform.

Various Duties of Personal Attendant

  • Daily Assistance to Client: To ensure complete safety and well being of the client for a comfortable living on day-to-day basis.
  • Maintaining Records and Reports: Keep a record of all the reports along with weekly and monthly progress from time to time.
  • Compliance with Health Acts: To be aware about the act and make sure that all services are in accordance with it.
  • Relationship Building: Have a positive relationship with the client and with his family.
  • Communicate and Coordinate with Healthcare Professionals: Stay in regular touch with the concerned doctor to inform him about the condition of the client as and when required.
  • Emergency Handling: Be efficient and mature in handling emergency situations with patient. Calling the right help as required and administering immediate care as needed.
  • Maintain Hygiene Levels: Ensure cleanliness at all times in all sorts.
  • Assist with Toileting: Help the client with toileting procedures as and when needed by the client
  • Assist with Skin and Hair Care: Helping the client maintain clean and healthy skin and hair as much possible.
  • Exercising and Medication: Take complete care of the exercising routines and medicine course of the client to ensure that he recovers fast. It is important for the personal attendant to ensure highest possible motor functioning for him. Follow all the instructions given by the doctor. Stay informed about the right dose, right time to ensure best health care.
  • Assist with Movement: Help client transfer from bed to wheelchair or any other mobile device for movement. Help him climb stair and other kinds of obstacles in movement.
  • Breathing Assistance: Make sure that client is supplied with respiratory assistance as and when needed to ensure comfortable breathing.
  • Follow Instructions on Positioning of Client: Follow all the instructions concerning the position of the client in bed, on chair etc. to ensure complete relaxation and reduce the possibility of problems like atrophy and bed sores.
  • Meals for Client: Buy groceries and prepare meals for the client as per specifications made by the doctor. Help him have the meal, if needed.
  • Accompany Client to Medical Appointments and Tests: Take the client to doctor for regular checkups and stay updated about the changes in his routine, food and medicines. Also take him for tests, as prescribed by doctor.
  • Keep a Check: If client is performing some harmful actions then intervene immediately and make sure that he doesn’t cause any harm to his health.

There are all sorts of small and big things that you need to take care of a personal attendant with the sole motive of well being of your client.