Software Engineer Interview Questions and Answers

Software Engineer job Interview Questions and Answers

No doubt to say, a software engineer can get more job opportunities than the applicant of other fields, but still they need to be prepared themselves to crack the interview process of the recruiter. No one can be sure about which questions an interviewee is going to face an interview, but the best thing is to be ready for everything so that your answer can satisfy the recruiter. If you are a software engineer, you might face general as well as technical questions as to judge your intelligence and education. Here some questions are given along with the answer in order to take you ahead in the completion.

Q.1. What is software engineering?

A: Software engineering is the core idea on which today’s computer systems or this virtual world depends. A software engineer is always digging codes and design to discover something new that makes the task easier virtually. It is all about solving challenges with programming code that means the software is working on the various codes and an engineer’s work is to design those codes that perform different tasks. It is a passion to discover new ideas with programming language and software skills.

Q. 2. What are software programming and software engineering?

A: Programming is the basic concept of software that contains some codes in order to run a program. The software engineering is a wide concept, of course it needs the software programming, but still, there are many other issues too. A software engineer looks after the matter of assessing requirements of the user, using the algorithm and checking and testing the computer coding.

Q. 3. What is your concept about computer engineering, computer science and software engineering?

A: Though computer engineering has courses on software, but software engineering stresses widely on every aspect of software that means it is all about the coding, algorithm, process improvements and it does not include the hardware and electrical issues as that are included in computer engineering. The difference between computer science and software engineer is that the software engineering is based on the computer science, but the way of working is differ. A scientist discovers new things, whereas an engineer works to help people by designing codes, verifying and analyzing it.

Q. 4. What are the skills of software engineer?

A: Software is needed to run a computer and is required in the embedded system as well which is used in networks, consumer devices and other things, so a software engineer needs to have the high quality skills to think creatively in order to improve the present features as well as produce new software. One needs to be technically correct to understand the complexity of software architecture, quality assurance and other details.

Q.5. What is software development life cycle (SDLC)?

A: A software development life cycle (SDLC) includes stages to get the end result. One needs to follow an order to develop software that consists of stages, which are requirement gathering, system analysis, design, coding, testing, maintenance and documentation. A software engineer follows different models of SLDC that includes waterfall model, spiral model, V-model etc. Depending on the developmental process, the model is used accordingly.

Q.6. Explain the types of Architecture in software engineering.

A: Software Architecture is a fundamental structural organization that provides a predefined subsystem, including rules and guidelines for a software system. The examples of the Architectures are peer to peer architecture, blackboard architecture, client/server and others.

Q. 7. What is your concept of design pattern?

A: Design pattern are used in solving the problem in software design. In following some patterns, it is easier to reuse designs and architectures. The patterns include Creational – Concerned, Structural – Concerned and Behavioral – Characterize. The three patterns are used according to the respective purposes and with different issues.

Q.8. Explain what is Software scope?

A: Software scope defines all the activities, which are needed to develop software as well as the detail features of the software that includes its functions, the components and how the end software will work. It clearly sketches the patterns to develop software, which is an important thing for the developer.

Q. 9. What is software configuration management?

A: Software configuration management helps to configure software according to the requirements of its development. It is a process of controlling software as per its function, design and other things. It is an important process that needs to be handled with a great care while making changes in the software.

Q.10. What are the responsibilities of a software project manager?

A: A software project manager performs the management activities that include planning, monitoring the process, making a good liaison with the stakeholders and all other works that a manager is assigned to. Controlling the risks and managing resources are some important skills of a project manager. To be specific, a software project manager looks after all the project related matter and manages to execute the whole process smoothly.