Sales and Marketing Job Interview Questions and Answers

Sales and Marketing Job Interview questions and answers

Sales and Marketing Job interview is often considered as an easy interview. Because fresher’s can also make entry to jobs in sales and marketing. However, the interview is not as easy as it seems and without any preparation it is difficult to succeed. Whether you are fresher or experienced, get ready for some of the most frequently asked questions by interviewers. Below you will find some questions with answers for your convenience. You should be ready for unexpected questions also as sales and marketing is a broad field. The interviewer can ask any other question apart from the below mentioned.

1 Q: Why do you want to join a sales and marketing job?

A: You can either say about your personal interest in the company’s product or if you previously had been working in sales and marketing job, you can use your experience and utilize it efficiently. Never say that because you like this job or you are offered a good salary or that you don’t have any other option. Such kind of answer produces a negative impression on the interviewer.

2 Q: Do you find yourself as a good sales person?

A: Here you need to emphasize on your selling skills. Patience, good communication skills, ambitious, convincing ability makes you a good sales person. But you should be honest in your answer. Identify the skills which make you a good sales person.

3 Q:. Tell me what you dislike about sales and marketing job.

A: You should never directly say anything negative about the job. However, you should be sincere in your answer.

4 Q: What do you know about our products?

A: The objective of the interviewer is to determine whether you have researched about the company and its products before appearing for the interview. Read properly about the company’s product to answer this question confidently.

5 Q:. What motivates you to sell?

A: The main motive is to find out how you can be motivated to make sales. It’s better to answer the correct motivation for you. If money and incentives make you achieve more sales, you should say this. Avoid giving a generic answer. You might want to be the best performing sales representative or you are motivated by your goals. Whatever be the reason, give a brief answer.

6 Q:. What key skills are required for a Sales and marketing position?

A: Presentation skills, negotiation skills and communications skills are the key skills required for a sales and marketing position. However, a sales person should have adaptability, be motivated and result oriented.

7 Q:. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A: The answer for this question must be prepared before appearing for your interview. Assess yourself as to what were your strengths in your last job. While mentioning about your weaknesses also add the ways or steps you are taking to overcome them. Just saying about your weaknesses does not give a good impression as the interviewer may think you as unfit for this reason.

8 Q:. Did you achieve your targets in your previous job?

A: Answer honestly this question as the interviewer can make a cross check from your previous employer. You might have also mentioned in your resume. Even if you did not achieve your target, say the truth.

9 Q:. According to you, what is the biggest challenge in a sales position?

A: The biggest challenge in a sales position is to find qualified leads. Competition has increased nowadays and it is difficult to convince customers as they have their own preferences. There has to be convincing ability in order to achieve sales. You should add what skills you have to face the challenges in today’s sales and marketing job and that you are prepared to overcome the challenges.

10 Q: How will you handle a difficult customer?

A: A smart answer is required here. The interviewer here is judging you ability as a sales person. Listening to a difficult customer is of utmost importance. Find out the exact problem and work out a way to overcome it. It is important to understand the customer and one should never blame the customer.

11 Q:. How do you overcome buyer objections?

A: A buyer may have price objections or maybe the buyer does not require the product now. You have to give an answer using your analytical skills as to how you will handle such objections. Depending on the situation you can either make a small discount or re approach the customer after some time. The interviewer wants to know from this question whether you will be able to handle buyer objections in the market place.

  1. Explain the difference between marketing and sales

A: Sales is a part of marketing. Marketing starts with the needs and demands of customer and results in providing the product or service to the customer. Sales mean selling the marketed product. Marketing is a broader concept. Sale is a push concept and marketing is a pull concept.