Computer Data Entry Operator Interview Questions and Answers

Data Entry Operator interview questions and answers

The interview for computer data entry operator turns out to be easy one as long as you are prepared to answer the questions asked by the interviewer. In order to be selected for the computer data entry job, it is important to give correct and impressive answers to the questions. Prepare best answers for your interview. Use the following computer data entry operator interview questions and answers to prepare yourself. These questions are frequently asked by interviewers.

1 Q: What made you choose to apply for data entry operator job?

A: You can answer that based on your qualifications it is a suitable job for you. You can also mention the skills that you possess that are essential for data entry job.

2 Q: What are the skills required for data entry operator?

A: The skills required for data entry operator include time management skills, typing proficiency and patience for doing repetitive work. The data entry operator also has to pay attention to minute details. Accuracy is of great importance in a data entry operator job.

3 Q:. Why do you think you would do well as data entry operator?

A: Say about your knowledge, abilities and skills. Describe your motivation to do this job. Whatever you say, it should sound positive and convincing to the interviewer.

4 Q: What are the key tasks of a data entry operator?

A: The key tasks of a data entry operator include entering data from source documents into computer database, verify and correct data where necessary, update data, maintain the records and respond to requests for information. Besides these there are some other tasks as well. But the main task is entering data for storage, processing and data management.

5 Q:. What type of software do you know to use?

A: Be specific in your answer. Mention whatever software training you undertook. It’s always good to be familiar with use of software for working as a computer data entry operator. This also depends on the kind of industry you want to work for. For example, for financial transactions it is important to have prior knowledge of accounting software.

6 Q:. How many words can you type in a minute?

A: To answer this question, you should be aware of your capability before appearing for your interview. Sometimes, data entry tests are also conducted to determine the candidate’s efficiency in typing. They look at typing speed as well as accuracy.

7 Q:. How reliable are you in keeping the information confidential?

A: Data entry operators record sensitive information. The information can be anything about client, employees or even financial information. The interviewer can also ask for some references who can say that you are a reliable person. Give examples where you have shown your reliability.

8 Q:. How will you manage to your work if you are given more tasks to do in a day?

A: The basic aim of this question is to find out how good are you at organizing your work. Prioritizing your work is the answer. You should make sure that the most important work are completed first. You have to make the interviewer believe that you are efficient and organized in your work. As data entry operators are expected to have lots of work and it depends on their skill to complete the work.

9 Q:. You are aware that data entry job is a repetitive job by nature, how are you going to handle this repetition?

A: You have to reassure the interviewer that you will enjoy the work even though it will be repetitive and monotonous. You will take breaks in between so that you do not make mistakes or lose interest due to the repetition of the work.

10 Q: Why do you want to take up data entry as your career?

A: The answer should be realistic. If you have a good typing speed, you can say this. Typing speed is essential for a computer data entry operator job. Let the interviewer know that this advantage of yours is sufficient to make a career in data entry.

11 Q:. Describe yourself in three words.

A: Motivated, patient and hard working.

12 Q: You would be required to co ordinate with the different department? What kind of skills do you possess for better co ordination?

A: The skills that are needed for better co ordination are interpersonal skills, patience, prioritizing works and maintaining confidentiality. These skills must be possessed by a data entry operator.

13 Q: Why do you think you are suitable for this position?

A: Here you will need to answer about your skills that give you an edge against other candidates. Your typing speed and your computer knowledge are also good skills which are essential for a data entry operator. You can also add some other skill that you possess.

14 Q: What are your weaknesses?

A: Do not answer anything about your personal weakness. You should say weakness which is related to your job. You have to turn your weakness into strength by mentioning the steps you have taken to overcome your weakness. For example, you may take longer to complete a work. You can add that because you believe in accuracy also that is the reason why you take longer to complete.

15 Q: Is data entry and filing the same?

A: No, data entry and filing are not the same. Data entry involves entering data into a computer database whereas filing is organizing data into files or folders.