Seiton Audit Checklist

Seiton Audit Checklist

S2=Seiton=Systematize=Keep in good order

This checklist include questions as follows:

1. Are access roads, storage areas, working places and equipment’s surroundings clearly defined?

2. It is understandable what is the usefulness of all the pipes, cables? Are these easy to be identified?

3. Are the tools/devices/instruments properly organized în two categories: “regular” and “special destination”?

4. Are all containers, recipients, pallets and NTMs stored in an appropriate manner?

5. Is there anything too close to fire extinguisher?

6. Does the floor have any cracks, drops or variation în level?

7. Are shelves and other storage areas marked with location indicators and addresses?

8. Do the shelves have signboards showing which items go where?

9. Are the maximum and minimum allowable quantities indicated?

10. Are white lines or other markers used to clearly indicate walkways and storage areas?

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