Professional Tax Form – II

 I have Attached Professional Tax Form – II

Application for Certificate of Enrolment/Revision of Certificate of Enrolment
under the Andhra Pradesh Tax on Professions, Trades, Callings and
Employments Act, 1987
(See Rules 4(1) and 6(2))


The Professional Tax Officer,

I hereby apply for a certificate of enrolment / revision of certificate of enrolment under the above mentioned Act as per particulars given below:


 1.  Name of the applicant :  
 2. Full Postal Address :  




3. Date of birth and Age :  
 4. Profession, Trade or Calling :  
5.  Period of standing in profession in years and months :  
6.  Numbers of other places of works       (Please give the address of

the places)

 7.  Annual turnover of all sales / purchases :  
 *8.  Number of workers engaged in the factory :  
*9.  Number of employees in the establishment :  
 *10. If Co-operative Society whether State Level ,District Level or

Mandal Level

*11.  Number of Vehicles for which permit under   M.V. Act is held;

3 Wheelers

Trucks and Buses


*12.  Enrolment No. of previous certificate, if any :  
*13   If registered under APGST Act 1957/
CST Act, 1956 the No. of registration Certificates held

APGST Act, 1957

CST Act, 1956

 *14. Grounds on which revision is sought :  
       (attach additional sheets if necessary) :  


The above statements are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Dated :                                                                                                           Signature with status.
*Please fill up whichever is applicable.

For office Use Only

Enrolment  No.                                                :
Date of Enrolment                               :                                               Signature of Issuing Officer

(Particulars of name and address to be filled by applicant)

Received an application for enrolment in Form  From

Name             :                                                           Application No:

Address:                                                           Dated:

Signature of Receiving Officer.

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