How to Set up HR Functions in Newly Started Company?

The HR department is an important part of a company, which looks after many issues associated with the management of a company in an organized way. For a newly started company, it is really tough to design all plans of setting up an HR department and this needs a proper planning that definitely based on the company’s working capacity. You need to focus on some issues related to your company’s policy and according which you can set up HR functions.

An HR department is responsible to plan all the management related issues of a company, from pre-recruitment process to the employee relation and exit formalities. So, the needs of an HR department are essential and you can say that it is the center of all departments that maintains a good liaison between the various segments of a company.

The initial phase of setting up an HR department:

Being the owner of a company, you must be aware of the objectives of your organization that clears your idea to focus on what will be the vision of your HR department. Once you get the answer, you can proceed further.

Pre-recruitment phase:

An HR department handles all the issues in the pre-recruitment phase for which they need to have the idea of each department of a company and according to that, it notes down the number of vacant places in an organization. After completing this analysis process, an HR department should get the approval from higher authority. An HR department should prepare a budget of the recruitment process, including making salary packages of the employee.

Recruitment phase:

An HR department arranges all the recruitment process, including preparing advertisements, scrutinizing and short listing applications for the job opening, communicating with the selected applicants for conducting an interview process and many other things. This department also takes care of the interview process and after that it sends the offer letters to those shortlisted in the interview.

The job responsibilities of an HR team:

Preparing an employee register:

Maintaining employee register is an important task for an employee, especially checking the performance of an employee in his/her field. The register records all the details of the employee both personal and professional so that the management can use the information whenever they need. All the personal records should be prepared for the auditing process.

Preparing employee handbook:

Every company follows an employee handbook which records some rules of the company on the basis of its terms and conditions. The rules describe some issues that all employees should maintain in the work environment. HR department also verifies that the issues stated in the employee handbook compliance with the law of the state or not and need necessary changes if needed to make this a legal document.

Compensation and benefits:

HR department follows the company’s guidelines for deciding the compensation and benefits for the employees. Every company has their own terms regarding calculating the Pf and Gratuity amount. In case, an employee needs compensation, the background should be checked before approving the compensation.

Training and development of appraising performance:

Conducting training process in an organized way is also an important issue that an HR department looks after. After appraising the performance of the employee, they consider which kind of training process can improve their skill that makes them efficient in managing the tough situation. Make necessary arrangements for this training and conduct it professionally.

Maintaining relation with clients and companies:

HR department needs to communicate with other companies and clients to make a good network of the concerned company. It is important to keep your clients updated with the policies and services that take your company ahead in the competition. This thing is also figured out by the HR department of the company. The HR team analyses the business and according which, they find out the clients who prove beneficial for the company.

Maintaining employee relation:

Maintaining employee relation can prove beneficial for a company as employee needs some motivational support that helps them to give the best to the work. Counseling is the process to manage such things; and for this HR, department is needed. Making a good relation with the employee is also part of the working area of an HR department. Employees should be informed any kind of changes in company’s rules and policies through them.

Preparing report:

Producing reports for every project, be it related to the employee or a business deal, is the responsibility of HR team. The assessment of this report is necessary to make a summer and this should be submitted to the concerned department for the final decision. The whole task is performed by the specialized HR team who are skilled in auditing, analyzing, and deciding the right thing for the company.